Couples Therapy Star Courtney Stodden Looks…Different These Days


Courtney Stodden Looks Different

On Couples Therapy, Courtney Stodden‘s signature look, which she was very protective and defensive of, was a sun-kissed, blonde, California-girl kind of thing, but we noticed she’s looking a little different these days. Yes, she’s still opting for lucite shoes and clothing that forms a metallic second skin, but from the neck up, she’s made some changes. Some might even say she’s taking a cue from her co-star Shayne Lamas, whose bleached blonde hair, pale complexion, and red lips were a signature for her on the show. Stodden denies having any kind of plastic surgery but it’s undeniable that she’s made some changes to her appearance since leaving therapy. Check out the gallery below from the weekend for more evidence and let us know what you think of her look in the comments!

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