Marrying The Game – Episode 4 – Bye, Baby


At the engagement party Tiffney and Game kissed and made up after their fight over the Cinnamon roll Tiff left him for breakfast. Heaven forbid he’s forced to have anything but a five course breakfast. Game is headed to Cannes, France for a show while Tiffney stays behind. She wants to go, though, but Game doesn’t get why since it’s only for one day. “We can go shopping, we can go eat, we can hang out, I can go to the show.” “It’s just one day, I don’t see what the big deal is,” he responds. Ice, the homie that lives with the couple and eats all the kids’ cereal, is of course, in the kitchen. “Off the counter, please,” Tiff demands. When he runs down a list of everyone traveling with Game to France there’s one name Tiffney is not happy about. “Alissa?” she asks.

“Hey, who is Alissa?” she questions Game. “Who is Alissa? My assistant.” “Jayceon, you not going on no trip with no assistant,” she tells her fiance. Tiffney doesn’t think any woman needs to go on the trip if she can’t go, especially since it’s only for one day. “What the f— you need assistance with for a day?” “Checking in the hotel, making sure the flight information is ok, to do what an assistance do,” he replies. At the very least Tiffney wanted to be able to give the female assistant her stamp of approval. He has a plane to catch and his manager is downstairs waiting. Tiffney thinks it’s disrespectful that he won’t miss his flight to argue with her. “Yo plane can wait, yo plane is gonna wait,” she tells him. Unless it’s a private jet we doubt the plane will wait until this argument is settled.

Tiffney becomes more infuriated as Game tries to walk away. “You tripping, you tripping,” he repeats. “You gon’ take a bitch out of town with you and leave your gotd— wife at home and you think I’m about to be cool with that?” Game thinks bragging about how great his assistant is will get Tiffney to see his POV. “I don’t give a f— about none of that.” Game made a big mistake when he attempted to close the door on her on his way out. “We’re supposed to be getting married in two weeks and you gon’ disrespect me like that?” Game doesn’t understand what the issue is since his show is work related. As he’s walking away she warned him that if he leaves she will not be there when he gets back.

Tiffney vents to her friends and discloses the real reason she’s mad. “You’re two weeks away from getting married and you’re going places without your wife?” Got it. She thinks the couple should be joined at the hip so close to the wedding day. These hurdles are not a good sign so close to the wedding, and she knows as much.

The show must go on. Christie has some bad news. The venue has backed out and is unwilling to hold the wedding there. The wedding is in two weeks and invitations have gone out. Christie and Tiffney suspect the venue’s owners heard about Game’s wild life and decided they didn’t want to take any chances on the “gangster rapper” tearing up their estate. Christie assures her she’ll find an even better venue.

Meanwhile Game was in a brawl in France. “They must’ve Googled his a—. Ran his little name right on through the Google and said, ‘Uh uhh. This Negro is not getting married at our estate,'” Tiff says. Tiff is tired and the stress of it all without Game’s support is starting to wear on her.

A one day trip turned into four. Game got into a club fight that left him with a gash in the back of his head. “My f—– wedding is on the rocks,” he proclaims to his boys, but is too stubborn to call Tiffney first, but he was out having fun so that’s all that matters to him. At the doctor’s office his manager needs some pertinent info from Game so he can fill out the paperwork. “You got a home phone?” “Tweet me,” Game responds. “What about email?” “Man I got a foreign gash in my head. Foreigngash at Gmail.” The head injury hasn’t affected his sense of humor. He flirts with the coordinator and doctor, “I got to look into getting me a coordinator.” And wonders why Tiffney doesn’t trust him.

After getting his head stapled and stitched he returns home to an empty house. We have a feeling he doesn’t like being alone too often. “No daughter, no sons, no f—ing family.” He was instantly miserable, but it doesn’t look like he was miserable enough to call his fiancé. Only thing left to do was lay down and bury his head under the pillow.

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