T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 16 – Off To The Farm


T.I. And Tiny The Family Hustle
The Harrises are getting a little bit country this week! I can’t with this cuteness.

Tiny really wants to go horseback riding, so she tells the kids that that’s the plan for the day. They’re a little skittish, but they’re even more skittish when they hear that Shekinah’s coming too. “She’s gonna fall off!” King says. “And she’s gonna say a lot of bad words,” Deyjah adds. Both of those things sound about right!

As soon as they arrive at the farm, Major is totally distracted by puppies and forgets all about horses. It is too cute for words.

“they’re only four days old,” the woman who works there tells him as he pets the puppies. “I’m four!” Major responds triumphantly. While everyone else saddles up, Major continues to be smitten with the dog. Just LOOK at this.
T.I. And Tiny The Family Hustle

So while Tiny happily rides around,

Major is preoccupied with the puppies and Deyjah watches, completely unwilling to ride because she has no interest in falling off.

While Tiny and the kids are off riding, Tip is trying to help Domani with his music career, so the two of them and Messiah hang back to rehearse, because Domani actualy has a real gig coming up.

“You gotta Joe Schmoe flow that don’t even go,” Tip tells Domani about his performance skills. And Tip doesn’t want anyone thinking that his kids are getting a free pass just because they’re his kids, he wants them to work hard and be GOOD at their careers, so he tells Domani to listen up.
“If you ain’t hot, to them you’re just another tomato target,” Tip says. So he offers a lesson in stage presence and combating dead arm.

“I say this to you mainly because I love you,” Tip says after they practice. “This is not good. And it’s far from being on a professional level.”

“Oof!” Domani says.

“Perfection people! I want perfection!” Tip cries. Domani tells his father that he’s intimidating and that’s why he’s faltering a little, so Tip decides to step back and observe instead of getting too involved. So he walks away and tells Domani “My only requirement is that you shine!”

Back at the ranch, Major has agreed to stop chasing dogs and get on the horse with Tiny for one final ride. Even his fear is adorable.

And Deyjah gives it a whirl too, but she’s even more apprehensive.

But by the end of the day, it’s almost impossible to tear them away from the stables.

It’s time for Domani’s big performance and standing in for T.I. in the role of mentor and non-intimidating authority figure is Snake, Tip’s right-hand man.

For a guy named Snake, he’s so cuddly!

“Tip wanted to be there for the performance, but in my opinion, he makes Domani feel a little uncomfortable, so I felt like it was best for him to stay his ass at home,” he explains.

Domani takes the stage and — hey, is that Lil Scrappy? — he crushes it.

Snake is so proud of Domani, but he thinks Tip not being there was the right call, Domani was comfortable and not intimated at all.

When Domani reports back to his pops, he tells him he did better because he wasn’t there, but Tip knows the truth.

“You couldn’t have done it without me!” he tells his son. And he has one last piece of advice for Domani, who can’t stop playing with the giant wad of cash he earned. “Don’t go blowing this all in one place like all the other rappers!”

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