Best Moments And Quotes From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Part I


On tonight’s Basketball Wives L.A. reunion, there were a LOT of moments. Everyone got things off their chest. Jackie apologized for her behavior last season. Gloria kept reiterating that she’s the one responsible for the show existing. There was a rap battle and a big, friendship-mending (maybe?) apology. But there were still a ton of opinions and jabs thrown around on that stage and we pulled some of our favorite lines for this little reunion quotes recap. Read it and tell us in the comments what you’re favorite moment or line from the show was! Let’s start at the beginning with Jackie.

Jackie’s Apology

This year things were different. At least to start. Jackie explained that she takes full responsibility for meddling in other people’s business last season. “It hurt me in my heart that I was treated that way, but at the same time I knew why, and I wanted to make amends. I had no right to even speak [last season], whether it was true, not true, it wasn’t my place.”

Who Exactly Is The Show??

There was a bit of a debate tonight when it comes to who makes the show what it is. When Malaysia was accused of bringing Jackie back into the circle just to remain relevant, she replied “I don’t need to be relevant on the show, I am the title of the show.” But then everyone else had an opinion on that too.

“And secondly, I AM the show.” — Jackie

“No, I’m the show.” — Draya

“Who’s NOT the show?” — John Salley

Later, Gloria took even greater responsibility for the show, saying “Let’s not get it twisted, I’m the reason there’s a spinoff. In real life, Gloria came to L.A. — with my sister — and we started Basketball Wives L.A.

Laura Vs. Jackie

Jackie’s apologies weren’t good enough for Laura tonight. She started to reveal why she was so angry with Jackie all season, saying “At the time I was very evil, and very wanting to get back at her,” and Jackie came back at her saying “You f— with me, then you get done like you got done. And you got done.” The two got into a huge argument that spiraled into who was older, who was jealous of whom, and whose body was real and whose was fake. At which point Jackie bared all, showing just how real she is.

Bambi, On Why She’s Jackie’s Biggest Defender

Everyone wants to know why Bambi latched on to Jackie so quickly, and she was straight and to the point about her assessment of the woman she calls Auntie. “I’m a fair person, and everyone, I felt like, was still holding on to something that happened last year. She hasn’t done anything to me.”

Draya Admits She Could Have Handled That King Shoot Differently

Oh, how I wish this was Draya doing her best to bring back “Do NOT go in there.” It’s not.

Draya admitted during the season that she feels entitled to throw around her diva weight when he’s working because she’s earned it. But when she walked out on the King Magazine shoot after seeing Brooke there, she admits she could have handled things differently. “I was too wrapped up in myself to be like, damn, this is Brooke, I could do this shoot,” she said, admitting she acted hastily. But she wouldn’t quite apologize for walking out. “That’s not what I want to apologize for. There’s other things that I need to apologize for that I’m sure we’ll get to.”

Draya also got to the bigger point, which is that she started to trivialize Brooke’s King cover not because she wasn’t happy for Brooke, but because she was annoyed with the King editor who started talking smack about her. “I didn’t take your moment from you, he did,” Draya says. “He shouldn’t have mentioned me. It should have been ‘Congratulations Brooke, you a bad b—h, you got it.’ That man brought me up. I shouldn’t have been brought up. I was there clapping for you at that table and he f—ed it up.” Ultimately, Draya does apologize and explains she’s still “trying to grow up” and Brooke accepts. Yay! No onstage hugs, but we’ll take mature discourse over theatrics any day.

Rap Battle!

“Really? I’ma do this?” Jackie asked when she was handed a microphone to go head to head against Bambi in a freestyle rap battle. Jackie’s single, “Woman of the Year” was released recently and the woman does have some skill, but it seems that she might not know the meaning of “freestyle” because instead of improvising, she uh, just sang that song. Sing it with me.. “Black Gucci shade, six-inch heels…”

Bambi on the other hand, had this one in the bag.

The Govans, who have enough Bambi beef to run a venison-only steakhouse, are not impressed.

Gloria’s Secret Marriage

Some fans are riled up that Gloria and Matt didn’t get married in front of the camera, but Gloria revealed that her relationship is functioning better than ever because of their lack of involvement as a couple on the show. She says “Matt and I made a very conscious decision not to put our relationship out there this season and not doing so has allowed me to get where I am, which is happily married.” As for leaving the rest of the cast (aside from her sister out of the wedding, she justifies that too. “It was something that was not planned at all…I flew out who was important to me.” You can hear the audience gasp when Gloria explains that the women on the stage with her were not important enough to her to share that moment.

Bambi Explains Gloria’s Fakeness

“Yes, [she is] very fake. You’re fake if you cannot be who you are all the time. Like if you’re a ho, you have to own it, you know what I’m saying?” Bambi says about her least favorite person, Gloria. The two sparred toward the end of the season and there is zero love between them now, and Bambi maintains that Gloria has slept with not one but several of her rapper friends from Compton. Gloria refused to even justify that with a response, except to point out that at present, she is very happily married. As for why Bambi thinks Gloria was not featured heavily this season on the show? “It’s just too damn dry. Like, you’re boring. You’re Casper. You’re just blah.”

Lightning Round

At the end of the episode, the ladies were asked a series of questions about their co-stars such as “Who is the most trustworthy?” and “Who is the biggest liar?” (No unanimous results on either of those questions.) When the question of who from the cast should not return for another season came up, the answers were….NOT REVEALED YET. Cliffhanger! Stay tuned next week to see the results.

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