Marrying The Game – Episode 5 – Postpone It


“At the end of the day it’s not about the wedding, it’s about the marriage. You can have this big beautiful wedding and then you have a terrible awful marriage.” – Tiffney Cambridge

Now that Jayceon is back from France and the gash in his head is all stitched up, he’s ready to deal with the problems he’s having on the home-front. Taydoe and Alissa (the assistant who is the cause of the recent drama) try to convince him to call Tiffney. How ironic that his regular waitress who knows them on a first named basis mistakes Alissa for Tiffney. Awkward! “I vote you just call Tiffney,” says Alissa. “Thing is, I always call. Whenever we have an argument, whenever we have a fight, I always call.” It doesn’t matter who calls, but someone has to give in.

Tiffney is at her apartment with the blues. Her girls come over to give her a dose of a reality: “He went to France because he had a job.” Tiffney doesn’t see it that way. “My husband is not getting up, walking out the door because you’re mad, and not call me. Dealbreaker, unacceptable, not having it.” The only thing that matters to Tiffney is that he walked out in the middle of an argument. From her POV, if he’ll walk out before they get married he will walk out walk out during the marriage. “I’m not tripping off of Alissa,” she said. She clearly was. “I’m tripping off of the disrespect in regards to Alissa.” Tiffney is not feeling confident in the upcoming marriage. The doubts are overpowering the relationship. “I feel unsure of myself, I feel doubtful, I feel hurt. Those are not feelings that you should take into a marriage.” As Game’s friends tried to convince him to call Tiffney, her friends do the same.

The Game’s coming up with all air balls at a basketball game with Chris Brown. His mind is elsewhere. Meanwhile Christie stops by to talk to Tiffney about wedding details, only there may not be a wedding. “You just say the words and…you want to postpone it?” Christie asks. “Postpone it,” Tiffney replied.

Game’s eating pizza with his homeboy only to find out through Tiffney’s website that the wedding has been postponed. Ouch. To find out on the ‘net has to hurt, just like a fiancée not calling his wife-to-be for days on end had to hurt. He finally calls her, “You doing the same selfish s— you always doing,” he said. Voices raise and the two argue about who should’ve called whom. “You’re an ungrateful, selfish, bitch” he said. Foul on the play, Game. “I can be as ungrateful and selfish as I wanna be, but I won’t be, is marrying a n—– that don’t call me.”

Game’s grandmother Lillie stops so he can vent. And she holds back nothing. “Well, if you’re not happy getting married, then why should you want to get married?” she asks. “I hope it’s not just because of your children.” He does love Tiffney, but it sounds like the marriage was to provide a family unit for his children. It sounds like grandma is not really feeling this union. “She doesn’t seem to accept you for who you are,” she advises. “You’ve gone far beyond the call of duty for her, so I don’t know what else she expects. I think she wants to drive you stone crazy. I think she wants to put you in a straightjacket.” With all respect to grandma, let’s not pretend Jayceon is an angel. Infidelity is only one of the issues. Disrespect seems to be another. There are others and Tiffney is not completely innocent. But even Jayceon knows he hasn’t been this great knight and shining armor on a beautiful black horse.

There’s a lot going on in Game’s life personally, but he still has to work. He’s preparing to embark on a 30 day promotional tour including shows, radio, TV interviews and strip clubs. “You said strip clubs? Yeah,” Game said. He doesn’t mind the promo tour, but wherever he lets industry insiders listen to the album has to be up to par. “I don’t want to play the album at a pizza joint.”

“Hi, Daddy,” his daughter said. And our heart went pitter patter. Jayceon finally went to talk to Tiffney with the hopes of making everything right. “I’m at the big house, I’m lonely as f—, I’m lost without my family. I’m lost. I’m lost without you.” Tiffney listens with trepidation, but with obvious emotion. Jayceon pleads his case, letting her know he loves her. Will this be enough to get them down the aisle for next week’s season finale? Your guess is as good as ours.


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