The Reunion Interview: Draya Wears Her Diva Crown Proudly


Draya Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion

Draya has has her ups and downs with most of her fellow cast members on Basketball Wives L.A., whether it’s her on-again, off-again friendship with Jackie (it’s on again at the moment), to her non-relationship with Laura, to the recent breakup/shake up she just had with Brooke. But as she told us before she headed out on stage at the season two reunion, she’s working on being the type of person who doesn’t hold grudges, which means forgiveness comes a little easier these days.

In our chat, we discussed her reputation as a diva this season, which came after she abandoned the King Magazine shoot, leaving Brooke to work it alone. “You have to be a certain caliber of woman to even consider yourself a diva so yeah, I’ll take that,” she told us about the label she’s been given, but for the rest of our chat, she was decidedly un-diva-like, and actually pretty reserved. Read what she has to say about this season, her relationship with Brooke, and what she thinks of the Govans now that Laura’s scheme fizzled out.

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How are you feeling about today?

I’m kind of relaxed, actually.

Is there anyone in particular that you think there will be some drama with?

I think there’s going to be drama with everyone, so no, no one in particular stands out.

How do you feel about seeing Brooke today?

It is what it is. If she’s still angry, she’s still angry.

Who do you consider an actual friend out of these women?

Malaysia and Bambi are my actual friends, and I’m working on a relationship with Jackie. It’s definitely turning around with her, but I’m not really a grudge-holding person. I WAS a grudge-holding person my whole life, but I’m trying to work on that, I don’t want to hold any more grudges and carry that around with me.

On the topic of grudges, how do you feel about Laura’s story this season and her plan to get revenge on Jackie?

She’s like a two-faced, conniving b—h. I don’t care too much for her.

At the beginning of the season though, you all banded together and it seemed like “us against Jackie,” is that not how it was?

I think in the beginning we all had one thing in common and it was that we all didn’t feel Jackie. But some of us moved past that and some of us didn’t and it’s divided us.

You’ve said that last season you were the underdog that got kicked around, in this time you wanted your chance to shine and to show that you’re no longer the underdog. Do you think you did that?

I do. My voice was heard, my points were made, and I stood my ground. I’m happy with the way it turned out so far.

How do you feel about the criticism that you’re a diva, does it hurt your feelings or do you embrace it?

It’s actually pretty accurate. I’m not mad at being called a diva, it’s a compliment. You have to be a certain caliber of woman to even consider yourself a diva so yeah, I’ll take that. I’ll wear that crown.

Have you gotten any response from the lesbian community after your gay bar night out with Brooke and your kiss with Bambi?

The lesbian community is definitely excited that I gave them a place on the show and in my life. Society doesn’t really shine a light on them, so I took time out to have fun with them and I think they appreciated that.

And then you had Jackie’s wedding in the gay club where she really wanted to celebrate gay people but it was odd in comparison, because it just made it more clear that gay people can’t get married.

Jackie’s intentions are always good but they don’t always come across as good. I don’t think she meant it in that way, it’s just that that’s how it would have been taken. Do I agree with her? No, not at all, but Jackie doesn’t mean any harm, she just doesn’t know.

Do you regret not going to her wedding?

Not at all.

What did you think of her impression of you?

Her impression of me was terrible. It’s much easier to dress up as her than it is to dress up as me.

How long did it take for you to get dressed up in Jackie costume?

About two hours. I made a really good Jackie Christie.

Did you expect that day to turn out the way it did with the argument between her and Brooke?

No, I never saw her and Brooke arguing, I never imagined it. I was totally caught off guard.

That situation seemed to happen because Brooke was defending you but then soon after you guys started to have problems of your own, what was the evolution of your relationship?

Somewhere in Brooke’s an my relationship it took a left turn and I wasn’t aware of what happened and what exactly made her so angry I just know in the beginning, she was a really good friend to me and I thought I was being a really good friend to her, so I really don’t know.

Is that what hurt the most, the accusation that you weren’t being a good friend?

Yeah, definitely! I don’t like to be told I’m not a good friend, especially when I feel I’m putting effort into something, I don’t call everyone a friend, so it was a little shocking to hear something like that. And hurtful.

Did you think your friendship would end up in this place?

No, I never saw us arguing and having issues in our friendship. Never.

Are you surprised you’ve ended up being as close to Bambi as you are now?

Me and Bambi started out a little rough, but I’m not surprised we became friends, only because I love Malaysia and that’s Malaysia’s best friend, they kinda come as a package. And it turned out Bambi was an all right person.

How did it happen that your relationship with the Govans went so far left?

Well, Laura and I never really had a relationship ever, and Gloria and I did but then I guess she mended her relationship with her sister and became a different person. I liked Gloria when she didn’t like her sister.

Do you think the two of them getting along are a destructive duo when it comes to the rest of you?

I think they clique up because they’re sisters, but their relationship is so fragile and shaky that they’re not a force, they’re not a threat to anyone because they’re not even stable with each other.

What was the highlight of the season for you?

New York. Malaysia and I had a freaking ball.

What did you really think of Jackie’s fashion line? Would you wear it?

Her fashion line was beautiful! She definitely shocked me. She’s so scatterbrained in her day to day life that when it’s time to pull something professional together, she really does it. When it’s time to work, Jackie works. And when it’s time to fool around, she’s down for that too.

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