The Reunion Interview: Brooke Bailey Tells Us Who’s Delusional, Who’s Fake, And Who Her Real Friends Are


Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Brooke Bailey
When I picture Basketball Wives L.A. star Brooke Bailey, the first thing I picture a gorgeous woman with a huge smile. Both on-camera and off, the woman emits a glow, and when I spoke to her at the recent reunion about her feelings filming season two, she was excited and positive about all of it, from the new friends she’s made to the fights and arguments she’s had. She went through a period, she explains, where she felt like she had to prove herself as a new girl, but overall, she’s excited by the opportunities the show has provided her. Read what Brooke had to say about the season, her reputation as a fighter, and her incredibly candid take on all her co-stars – who she likes, who she doesn’t, and who she considers “fake as f—.”

How do you feel about this season overall?

I feel like so far the season has been really good, I’m very happy with how the public has received me and taken me in. I think at first since I was one of the new girls I had to prove my character to them but now I feel like they like me.

You were brought into the mix by Draya, so did you expect your relationship with her to fall apart the way it did?

I definitely didn’t expect our relationship to end the way that it did. It’s very hard to have relationships with girls in the industry, period, but I felt like were so opposite, work-wise, in the way we look and the jobs we did before this, that she’s not my competition so I didn’t feel like she’d have any type of jealousy about us booking the same job but…whatever. It turned out differently.

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Was it really just that one instance of the King shoot that caused all this?

No, now watching the season I feel like there were so many instances where I had her back and she didn’t have mine, there was no loyalty and she kinda played the fence. Bambi was like “Are you guys friends?” and she was like “I don’t know!” What kind of question and answer is that? If you really are questioning my friendship when you’ve known me so long, that should have been a moment when you’re like “Yeah, we really are friends,” and then you come and talk to me about it.

Did you watch the previous season?

Yes, I watched every episode.

So didn’t you expect something like this to happen with these ladies?

No, I didn’t expect the friendships to evolve the way they did. I didn’t expect that me, Gloria, and Laura would be so cool, I actually thought it would be the other way around, I thought that they wouldn’t like me, and for me to come in and for them to embrace me the way that they did, I think that also had a lot to do with the relationship between me and Draya because of whatever issues she may have had with the sisters. I’m like type of person, I like people for who they are, I’m a leader not a follower. So if they didn’t f— your husband or take money out your pocket, why are you mad?

What’s your status with Bambi now?

Bambi’s f—ing delusional. Period. Her whole storyline is delusional. I don’t have a problem with the girl, but she talked about me the whole season, I mean we’re just on two different levels of life. Where she’s trying to get to, I’ve already been. Her whole thing is, I don’t care about her, I don’t care to ever be friends with her or Malaysia. If you have a problem with me, why do you continue to be around me, keeping my name in your mouth? I can see why they’re friends.

As far as Malaysia goes, watching that scene with the two of you on the phone and seeing that all play back on TV, how do you feel about her?

She’s fake as f—. My gut told me, on that phone call, that she was trying to be funny, and then I went and apologized to her after she was like “No, I wasn’t trying to be funny.” And then when Jackie and I got into our altercation, Malaysia was the b—h that stepped on my necklace, but then she came outside after to be like “Oh, boo, you okay?” You fake as f—.

What’s up with your relationship now with Vernon Jackson? I know you talked about him being a little young…

Over. Finito. It really didn’t have anything to do with age, I actually preferred his age, I’m very mature but I have a young soul and it’s just what I like. It wasn’t so much him being young, I think that he still needed to blaze that trail that I’ve already blazed. And he just hasn’t done that yet. Some guys have, but he hasn’t, and I respect that. I just think he needs to focus on his career and go ahead and f— every groupie in every state.

Has the show opened any doors, relationship-wise?

Definitely! It definitely has. I’ve been casually dating but it’s a catch-22, you get what you ask for, you know? And sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for because I’m in a different position now and the attention is different, so I want to make sure I’m with the right person for the right reasons. I’ve been doing music videos and urban magazines for a long time so I know what comes with that, but this show put me on such a larger scale, so it definitely gave me bigger opportunities in my dating life.

Since you’ve become close to the Govans, I’m curious what you think of Laura’s scheme to mess with Jackie?

At first, I was still trying to get to know Laura and I was like “This malicious, vindictive b—h!” and I didn’t like it. But the more I got to know her and understand the situation, and the more I took a few steps back to get out of their business and let them handle it, the more I was able to respect it and understand it. She did what she needed to do.

Did you have any hesitation joining the show?

The only hesitation I had about joining the show was the video vixen/ballplayer stigma that’s already out there, so it was like, either this is gonna go really good for me, or it’s gonna go really bad! Other than that, I wasn’t really worried too much about the ladies or anything like that.

And what’s your situation now with Jackie?

Actually, I have so much respect for Jackie. She really is cuckoo, she has a lot of different personalities, but I mean, out of all the girls and all the s— -talking that went on, she talked her s— to me and she backed it up the best way she could and I respect that. Then we came back together, we apologized, and from that point on it’s been cool. Everybody else talks all their s— but they don’t back up what they’re saying.

Do you think it’s fair to say you’ve earned a reputation as a fighter this season?

I think that I’ve definitely earned that, there’s no way around it. They’ve seen different sides to be because I’m very nice and I don’t like confrontation, I don’t like to fight! But I definitely think the fans realized, okay, she can take care of herself if need be.

You and Draya had a little weekend of bonding when the two of you went boxing and hung out alone together, and it seems like things turned so quickly.

Right! Really quickly. Maybe a lot of that is my fault for using the word “friend” too loosely. I’m very happy-go-lucky and when people come around I’m like “Oh, she’s cool! We’re friends!” but maybe we weren’t really friends, maybe I was blinded by her sweetness and her being nice to me and thinking we were friends, I don’t know. I’m still confused in so many ways. Like, me and Jackie got into this fight behind you and you know, you didn’t have my back in so many different ways on the show. I just think that maybe we were just having fun girl time but maybe we weren’t really friends.

Who have you spoken to since filming wrapped?

The Govans. For Halloween, Gloria and Matt threw a big party with the Clippers. I was Minnie Mouse, she was Catwoman, he was The Joker, it was so much fun. We have a really good time, they’re really cool and really laid back. I think everything she and Matt went through was really good for them, they’re in such a good place now, it’s beautiful. Everyone else is like, whatever. Jackie’s called me a couple times just to talk about the fight when it aired, stuff like that.

What was that conversation like?

For me, it was easy to watch it because I was the winner, but when she called me it was hard because I can’t even imagine the back end that she’s catching. I felt bad for her, I didn’t want to fight her. If I wanted to, I’d have hit her first, but it happens.

Do you have a favorite moment that you filmed this season?

Well, my shoot of course. That was awesome, really fun. So far everything I’ve seen, I’ve really liked though. Of course I study my scenes more than anyone else’s but I’m pleased with what I’ve seen thus far.

Do you let your kids watch the show?

Some episodes. I have an eight-year-old too and he doesn’t watch because he goes to bed at eight o’clock but my teenagers watch the majority of the episodes, they have friends at school talking about it.

What do they think?

They’ve been industry kids for a long time and they know the difference between reality and fantasy. Even though a lot of this is reality, they know me and they’re proud of me but they get angry when they see people say things about me. I’m just like, take it with a grain of salt and I try to help them because my daughter will really get upset, but I’m like, it’s not that serious.

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