The Reunion Interview: Jackie Christie On Being The Subject Of Backhanded Compliments, Revenge Schemes And The Name “Tacky Jackie”


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On season two of Basketball Wives L.A., Jackie Christie came off as more victim than manipulator, which is a title she received after season one when it appeared that she was trying to create drama with the rest of the cast. This year, Jackie was the target of a scheme concocted by Laura which never quite panned out, but it certainly earned her some sympathy and even the loyalty from some of her fiercest season one detractors, like Draya. In our reunion interview, Jackie discusses the negativity that’s often directed at her (“I choose not to play the pit-pat game ’cause I could tear ‘em apart from top to bottom, but I don’t want to do that,” she says when she hears the girls take digs at her age or call her “Tacky Jackie.”) Jackie’s having the last laugh now though, because not only is her fashion line a huge success, but she’s just been tapped to host the VH1 DIVAS red carpet livestream this Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT (you can watch it here). Not so tacky after all, huh? Our chat with Jackie is below.

How do you feel this season compared to last season?

Last season I was very disappointed, I was shocked, I couldn’t believe what was happening, because I knew I wasn’t in the wrong. And this season I think more or less it all started panning out and everyone getting to see that I’m not this back stabbing troublemaker that they kind of thought last year, so that’s good. But then the down side is I found out that a friend that I thought was my friend, which is Laura, really isn’t. So that’s hurtful and there’s a lot of stuff I want to clear up with her. And then of course the situation with Brooke, I just want the world to know that me having that altercation with her is something that I really do regret and it’s in the past. I hope we can move forward in future depending on how things go.

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Let’s talk about Laura. How do you feel about watching her scheme against you? Through several episodes her saying that she had these big plans to get revenge, while that was happening did you have any idea?

With Laura, knowing the type of person she is, meaning that she can be very, very sneaky and manipulative, I expected something weird because she was being very nice when we were around each other, but then when the girls would come around they would say “She doesn’t like you, she’s saying these things.” It was like, well I haven’t seen it, so I really wanted to be determined to let things play out and if it was really true that’s what she was doing. I wasn’t not believing the girls, but I wanted to see for myself. I feel like I’m the most mature one and I feel like I’m kind of the leader, so I need to lead by example and that is not listen to hearsay and react. So I said “Let me give Laura a chance, what I wish they would have given me last year, and show them how to be a friend, so that’s what I’d done. And now watching it’s surprising, it’s disappointing, and just it’s shocking basically.

Was it something hurtful or did it make you more angry than anything?

I thought it was both, I thought it was hurtful just because if you put your trust in someone and they do that it’s really not right. You know if you had good intentions, and I did, I came in clear-minded, I was forgiving of everyone and what they lied about and said last year and I said “Imma come on a clean slate” and that’s what I did. The angry part is why are you trying to destroy my life, is it because your life is miserable? That’s why I had feelings of both.

Toward the end when she actually comes around and tells you she had all these plans, and she admits they came from an evil place, how did you feel hearing that?

At that point I was really disappointed and my first instinct was to go on the attack, but I decided I’m gonna just sit here, calm down, take it all in, because it was all happening so fast and let me see really what’s going on, because with her, Laura is a pathological storyteller, she will make up something and convince the world to believe her, so I decided I want to wait and see what happens, let me see how it pans out, talk to my daughters, and also see it. I know what’s on the screen is what you said and we’ll go from there, so that’s what I did. And now I’m at the point where I’ve got to see a little bit of it, I’ve got the Co-Star app, so kind of see that a little bit.

Where do you stand with her now? Have you seen her since New Orleans?

I have not seen her since New Orleans or talked to her and I’m on Twitter, I tweeted something and she kind of retweeted me, so I don’t know if that was her way of saying it’s all good, but for me it’s more or less that I want to clear this up. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when I do see her, because I saw a few things that she’s done that she lied about again, so it’s kind of like, why do you continuously lie, where are you really trying to get at? Let’s talk about why do you think you need to pay me back for something I didn’t do things that your sister done or anybody else for that matter, that’s your guys’ business. Why are you putting me in the middle? I’m not the one you normally put in the middle.

How are things with your daughters? Were you upset to see that they actually did reached out to Laura?

Actually no, and the truth of the matter is my daughter told me exactly what happened. Yeah, her reaching out was totally a 19 year-old move. But I know exactly how it went down and I love my kids, they’re always going to be my kids, and I don’t hold it against Channi at all. I think that she’s just like me, when she gets mad, look out, so that’s basically what she’s done, but I know the truth, my family knows. One thing that I don’t like is for someone to come and try to make something that’s really bad, because of their own situation and we have a great relationship. If I gave her too much, well I’m finding that out right along with everyone else and that’s what I love about reality TV and this show, because you’re getting to see my truth and my reality. Maybe you can give someone too much sometimes and you have to learn from that too. With my daughters, we’ve talked and there’s total forgiveness and I totally understand Channi and her point of view and where she was at that time and so I don’t have any anger towards her. I mean there’s still things to work out, because my daughters are very temperamental and I feel like they are spoiled, but that’s not a bad thing and I tried to make sure they had the kind of life that they would want as kids and all the things they wanted.

Let’s talk about one of the good relationships that came out of this season. You and Bambi seemed to really click right away.

I adore Bambi, I think Bambi is a very sweet lady, she’s very respectful, she is not a follower and that’s what I really admire about Bambi, she decides on what she wants to do, and she doesn’t ride the fence. I don’t respect people that go back and forth. Either you’re with me or you’re against me, it’s totally up to you. I like her a lot. I didn’t really know what to expect with her, Malaysia said I have a friend, I want you to meet her and I expected her to be standoff-ish because of Malaysia and the situation that we had last season. I was really happy with the girl that I met, and I was like this somebody I can really be friends with. And we have seem to have built a really strong friendship and we’ll be friends for from now on.

How do you feel about Brooke these days?

After our altercation, we got together and sit down and talk about it. It’s funny because when she walked in, I kind of got in a karate stance and we just joked and we laughed about it. Now I’m pretty cool with her so far, I haven’t talked to her since New Orleans and everything is good.

How do you feel about Draya’s impression of you? Was that funny to you?

Oh, hilarious! For one thing me and Draya have a love/hate relationship and I thought it was hilarious — soon as I saw the iPad case I knew. It ended up being where “Okay fine, were gonna play mimic each other, then I’m gonna dress like you then, Draya,” so it worked out. I wasn’t tripping on Draya we were having fun, we were messing around, it was some bashing going on, so I like that. That kind of stuff is funny to me. So yeah I like Draya.

Is it hurtful when in there confessionals people call you like “Tacky Jackie” or they say things that are meant to take digs at you?

It’s not hurtful, it’s more agitating, ’cause it’s like I choose not to play the pit-pat game ’cause I could tear ‘em apart from top to bottom, but I don’t want to do that. So no, it’s more that I look at them as being immature.

On the Seattle trip you brought in a therapist to talk to your daughters after they said they didn’t want that, was that the right move?

It was a little hard for me to deal with seeing my daughters upset and the fact that they didn’t want to see the counselor, but I take responsibility and tell them that I truly apologize, but as a mother I can make those decisions and you’re gonna go by them and they did and we learned about each other then.

How did this year’s wedding compare to previous weddings?

This year’s wedding was amazing, because of my strong ties to LGBT community and the fact that I’m going to support everyone and the fact we get married the same time every year, so it was amazing. The part I didn’t like was some of the comments that girls made that I’ll address today as far as don’t say oh well, it was a slap in their face, because they’re getting married in the gay club. No. We’re going to clear that up.

What was your true initial reaction seeing Laura in drag?

I didn’t know that was her and I was thinking Oh my God! Laura!? It looked different and so it was funny to me and it shocked me, ’cause I was like, she really got into this and that’s great. I really honestly didn’t know if this was to be good or bad I was just like I’m going to take it as it is, it’s great, you got in character, this is what the wedding’s all about.

You were very business-oriented this season — you showed your clothes at fashion week, where are you with that now?

I am just enjoying them right now. The song is doing really good, as far as my clothing line I can’t wait for it to come out. That was dream to go to New York City and to able to show it at fashion week was it was amazing and for it to be pulled together like it was. I would have to say I’m in a really good place with it and I’m going forward.

I can’t tell if it’s backhanded or if it’s flattering, but everybody always says like “I’m so surprised that Jackie’s line is so amazing, her song is so good,” do you take that as a compliment?

It’s a compliment that they say that. As far as the song, I didn’t know how it would sound and when I heard I was like “Oh my god,” so I’ve gotten some offers to work with some different producers, so we’ll see if I’ll expand on that.

Can we get you to collaborate with Stevie J?

Yes! Oh that would be amazing! Hands down.

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