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Basketball Wives LA. Bambi

Love is a strong word, but I had no idea how I would feel when I met Bambi for the first time, and after leaving her dressing room the day of the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion, I think I can say I love this lady. Not only did she honor me with one of the most open, honest interviews of the day, but she is really f—ing smart. There’s something about the way she carries herself and how she spoke about her castmates that was impressive, like a really quick wit combined with a really sassy, smart mouth, and it was a blast talking to her.

When we chatted, she launched right into the Twitter war she’s been waging this season with Laura Govan, and how she really tried to give Laura the benefit of the doubt all season before coming to the conclusion that Laura “wasn’t a good person.” But Laura’s not the only person Bambi’s beefed with this season, she also discussed exactly why she tried to give Gloria and Brooke separate chances before things ultimately went left with them, too. (Though she says thing with Brooke have been neutral for the most part since the show ended.) We even got her to reveal how things with her BFF, Malaysia aren’t always perfect either. Read the interview and tell us you don’t love Bambi too.

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So what do you think the reunion will bring today?

I just had the chance to watch the rest of the episodes and I didn’t realize how intense it had gotten, so seeing that and it’s fresh I think it’s going to be very, very, just turned up.

With anyone in particular?

Well and this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the episodes, but Laura and I have been kind of going back and forth with each other on Twitter.

I’ve seen your tweets.

Oh Lord! So you know I can’t wait to see her and see what’s going on like…She really started that whole little Twitter thing and I didn’t know where it came from. So I’m like really antsy to get out there ’cause I have some questions.

Do you think that she was just threatened by you saying that she was fake?

I think she was. I think she started to really see how she was behaving. She saw exactly what I was saying, but she doesn’t want to admit to it just yet. I don’t know what Laura’s issue is, but yeah she definitely was threatened because I was calling her fake. She felt like maybe I was assassinating her character, but she is who she is.

Do you think that your relationship with Gloria is a result of how you feel about Laura? Is it just Gloria defending her sister?

Well obviously Gloria’s gonna — maybe she’s defending her sister a little bit more in this situation, because it’s me. And Gloria and I don’t like each other, so I think if it was somebody else Gloria would probably stay out of it, but right now because it’s me she already has this residual beef with me.

Do you think that things could escalate today with Laura?

Yeah I do. I think they would.

I’m assuming you haven’t spoken to her since the show wrapped.

I have not spoken to her, I do not want to speak to her, because I don’t — like she actually tried to call me last night and I didn’t answer, because I’m like when we speak it needs to be face to face. And we’re going to get the opportunity to say whatever we have to say in a few hours.

Were you surprised that she tried to call you?

I wasn’t surprised because she’s always the type person who says things and she does things and then she thinks about them, you know? She tries to clean it up. So I wasn’t surprised that she was trying to clean up her little Twitter antics before we met face to face. I wasn’t surprised at all.

How did you become so close to Jackie in such a short amount of time?

Well my thing with people in general is if you’re around me and we’re hanging out, I’m going to give you every opportunity to show me who you really are. I don’t really base that off of what you’ve done to — well not necessarily what you’ve done to other people, but what other people tell me about you. I just like to give people an opportunity to show me who they are oppose to somebody else telling me. I mean that’s just how I am in life. If I meet someone and I think they’re cool then, we’re cool. I’m not really a halfway friend, if you’re my friend, you’re my friend. I could know you two weeks or two years, I’m still going to be the same person and I don’t think a lot of people don’t understand that at all. It’s hard for people to understand how we become so close to somebody in such a short amount of time, but she has never given me a reason to believe that she doesn’t deserve my friendship.

Did you watch last season at all?

I did, but I didn’t go into this season thinking about last year. I’m like last year is last year. They had their issues and as long as nobody has hurt my friend physically, we can recover from it. I told Malaysia in the beginning that I wanted to find out for myself who these women were and she respected that.

Do you think that you treated Jackie – it seems like you were willing to do that with Jackie, but I know you still had some undecided feelings about Laura because she and Malaysia got into a fight. Do you think that you had the same sort of openmindedness about Laura to start?

I definitely did. I had reservations, but when it was time for us to meet each other face to face, I was like you know what? Malaysia’s over it, so why should I dwell on it? I’m going to move on as well, so I moved on. I gave her a fair chance, I met her, I was nice, I was present. Until she started showing me that she wasn’t a good person, I was okay with her until then.

What was the first thing that she did to show you that you didn’t think that you could trust her?

First thing she did was allow herself to be a part of this woman’s wedding. That was the first big thing. That was the thing that really blew me. Like you’re going to be a part of this woman’s wedding, you’re going to show up on this day, and know this means a lot to her, but you’re not really her friend. So that to me, that was like that’s over for her.

How are you with Brooke?

Brooke and I settled our little issue. On the last episode I don’t know if they’re going to actually show it, ’cause I didn’t see it on there, but I mean we just agreed that there was no issue to begin with and we moved on from it. But the fact that she was nagging Draya about Draya not being a good friend kind of irked me. I’m like, you can’t make somebody into the type of person you want them to be. Either you gonna accept it or you’re gonna move on. You don’t think she’s a friend to you, okay well move on, go do something else. And I also tried to explain to her like just because you do all these things for a person and they don’t do those same things back doesn’t mean they love you any less, people just love each other differently. And I tried to explain that to her, but she was just like “I don’t know, she’s not a good friend,” and I’m just like what the f— ever, like, move on then.

Did you understand why Gloria and Laura were kind going back at you saying that you didn’t know the history between them and Jackie and that’s why you should stay out of it? Do you understand where they were coming from?

No, not one bit. Because I’m coming into this situation and, yes, clearly I wasn’t here last year, but if I were agreeing with them, then me not being here last year would not have even been an issue, but because I had a different opinion then they were like “You weren’t here, so you don’t know.” Okay, I was not here, but I’ve gotten to know Jackie and I’ve been around you guys, so now I’m entitled to my opinion whether I was here last year or not. And Brooke agreed with them, so it was okay for her to put her two-cents in it and I didn’t agree with that I’m like okay she’s agreeing with y’all that’s why y’all are not really giving her any shit about not being there last year. They annoyed the s— out of me with that to be perfectly honest, like I wasn’t here, okay I wasn’t here, but I’m here now and I see what’s going on and I don’t like it. She apologized to you, you allowed her to be back in your life, so why are you sitting her trying to be vindictive, she apologized so move on.

Was there ever any tension between you and Malaysia at all throughout the season?

There was. Malaysia and I had a moment in the shoe store that wasn’t shown and the reason we kind of got into it that day was because I said a little slick comment about Brooke and it just kind of caught Malaysia off guard for once and this is something that Malaysia and I been like…like the comment was said to say that I have an issue with Brooke, it was just a joke and Malaysia was like “Okay, so what is it? Are you guys friends are we not friends?” And I’m like “I’m not her f—ing friend, but whatever, it’s not a big deal.” I didn’t make the little remark for us to have an argument or for you to take her side. It was just a little smart ass little comment and so it really annoyed her. And then Brooke happened to call her while we were in the store. They didn’t show our little argument and so Brooke thought that Malaysia was being a little funny, but the only reason she put her on speaker phone was because I was there she wanted me to feel comfortable. Like “She’s calling me, I don’t know what she wants, so I’m going to put her on speaker phone so you can hear exactly what’s going on. I don’t want you to think that I’m being like two-faced or anything, like trying to be her friend behind your back.” So that was the only time, but there wasn’t anything real there. Malaysia and I always disagree, we always have small little issues, but we get over them in like ten minutes.

There would be times when she would be like “Laura’s my friend,” and she would defend Laura knowing you had your own very different thoughts about Laura, was that ever a problem?

It wasn’t a problem it was just annoying. Like you know Malaysia –– that’s who she is. She trusts people too much, and it wasn’t a problem it was just like okay you’ll see eventually. It annoyed the s— out of me, but it just is what it is.

Has the show helped your rapping career?

Yeah it has. My fan base has grown and yeah I can say that. It’s brought a lot of more awareness to my movement and my music.

What do you think about Jackie’s rap career?

Well career I’m not sure but…

Okay, her rap song.

Song, I love. She made a great song, I was really surprised and Jackie is just one of those kind of women that I really respect because she’ll wake up and say she wants to do something and then do it, and I’m that same way. That’s what I really love and respect about Jackie, like whatever she wants to do she’ll just get up and do it.

Let me ask you about shimmer. You’ve defined shimmer, but is shimmer also kind of like a movement more than…

Yeah shimmer is definitely a movement and shimmer is like you know it’s like swag, but it’s sexier and it’s like this natural glisten that people have to have in order to shimmer. It’s just like “Oooh, you got shimmer, you feel me?”

Who in the cast has the most shimmer besides yourself?

And besides Malaysia?

Yeah, because I feel like she’s your obvious answer.

Draya and Malaysia are the only two other cast member that I would really say have shimmer. Jackie has that auntie shimmer, you know what I’m saying? Auntie shimmer is different than regular shimmer. You silently shimmer, on occasions. But I’m the shimmer queen obviously, I have all the shimmer.

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