T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Season Finale – Happy Harris Holidays


Christmas time is here, and the Harrises go all out to celebrate during the most wonderful time of the year.
They get a giant tree,

they make their wish lists, and they present giants, Publisher’s Clearing House-style checks to their loved ones.

While all the Harris kids have lists full of toys and motorcycles, Tiny presents her mom with a (literally) huge check so she can pay off her mortgage, and it’s the greatest gift that brings tears to her eyes. “This is the best Christmas I ever had,” she tells Tiny and the family.

To make the kids once again realize the value of a dollar and the value of these gifts they ask for, he tells them they’re coming on the road for his upcoming Troubleman tour, to watch him work, and he also wants them to learn the spirit of giving, so he heads up a family charity day to instill that in the kids. Money and hustle are all well and good, but charity and generosity? “That’s all a part of being a Harris,” Tip says.

For the most part, the kids are great at giving back — King and Major seem to be slightly buried under all the turkeys and other groceries they’re giving out though,

so eventually they get sidetracked and just start messing with each other.

T.I.’s day-long tour is also a charity event, he’s doing three performances in three cities, and fans need to bring donations instead of buying tickets in order to see him perform. He begins the tour in Memphis for thousands of screaming fans.

In return, the mayor of Memphis gives him a key to the city.

The next stop is Miami, which they need the use of the private jet to get to. Private jets are great and all, but the problem is they’re tiny. So when a member of your staff farts, everyone can smell it. Consider me happy not to be able to afford a private jet then.

After the brief appearance in Miami, it’s back home to Atlanta, the last stop in an exhausting day. The kids have never seen Tip’s life for the hectic, fast-paced schedule that it is, and they all crash on the jet home.

The kids might be heading home, but Tip’s day is still only two-thirds over. He has to rally for one more performance in his hometown, and rally he does.

It’s the end of another season of The Family Hustle, and everyone is grateful for the opportunities they’ve shared. The kids have all learned lessons, the family has flourished, and the fans? Well, we can all buy Troubleman when it comes out tomorrow.

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