The Best Quotes And Craziest Moments From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Part 2


We’ve come to the end. Basketball Wives L.A. is over, the second part of the reunion has wrapped, and while Laura apologized to Jackie, there was still a low simmer beneath all the girls whose beefs continued and seemed to go unresolved. And then just as the show was ending, a new beef between Laura and Draya began out of nowhere and left us feeling even more confused than ever. Who while this reunion may not have reunited all the women, it was still entertaining, and we chose our favorite moments to highlight below.

Who Should Not Return?

Last week’s reunion was a bit of a cliffhanger. Host John Salley asked the ladies to choose a cast member that they would not want to return for another season of the show, but before we could find out the ladies’ choices, we were abruptly cut off. This week though, we learned the results. Bambi obviously wants the Govans gone, Brooke and Laura want Bambi to leave, Gloria gave the boot to Malaysia (who, in turn chose Gloria), Draya wants Laura to leave, and most surprising, Jackie took herself off the show, saying “I just feel like they’d be happier if I wasn’t here. But I’m going to be here if there’s another season.”

When the audience was asked to choose who they wanted off the show, the overwhelming responses were Laura and Gloria.

Resolving Those Rumors

One of the rumors that was rampant before the reunion even taped was the one reporting that the majority of the cast had been fired from the show. Well, that was a report that was unfounded, and the girls all revealed that they never heard that they were fired, not from VH1, not from their producers, nowhere. So that report was put to rest. “That’s just gullible, to assume you were fired by listening to TMZ,” Bambi said.

Draya, Lesbi-honest

When Jonesy from Bossip showed up to ask the ladies a few questions of her own, she commended Draya for representing the “Lesbi-honest” crew this season and asked which of her castmates she’d like to have a one-night stand with. Draya’s choice? “I’m gonna say Bambi. Easy. Because that’s my boo.”

Bambi Explains Herself

Another Jonesy question, this one for Bambi. She wanted to know why Bambi was so invested in the Jackie/Laura drama, and explained: “It matters so much to me because Laura and Malaysia are friends. So I’m like, if she’ll do this to Jackie, she’ll do it to you, so it’s my responsibility, as your friend, to check this.” Even though Malaysia then said that she didn’t need backup and she could handle her own situations, she explained that having each others’ backs is what friends are for.


After watching the clips of Laura’s meeting with Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, Jackie was rightfully upset, but not as upset as Chantel. “My daughter is so f—ing pissed right now. You want the real, I’ma give you the real. My daughter is livid. She wanted to come here and she wanted to confront Laura. She feels like she was bamboozled, she was lied to, she was manipulated, she’s f—ing livid right now.” But as Jackie spoke, she got more heated, saying that she was angry that a conversation took place without her knowledge.

Laura defended that Chantel is the one who initiated the meeting and did not want Jackie present. “I apologize for meeting with your daughter with malicious intent, which it was in the beginning. But afterward, I told you it changed everything…I saw there was no point in what I was doing…It made me feel sorry for me,” Laura then said, explaining that her meeting with Chantel made her quit her revenge plan and try to become a better person.

Wife Swap

Kourtney from was another guest panelist at the reunion, and she asked our favorite question of the night: Who would the ladies trade from their show, and who would they like to gain from the Miami cast? Draya said she’d like to get rid of the Govans in order to gain Evelyn and Jennifer. Gloria, who’s already been part of the Miami scene said she’d just “give away members,” she wouldn’t want to deal with any of her old co-stars. “I’d probably only keep me and my sister and Brooke,” she said. Malaysia said she’d trade Gloria for Jennifer, Laura would send herself and send Evelyn in her place, Jackie would also send herself to Miami and send back Tami and Shaunie to L.A., explaining “Me and Evelyn would run Miami.” Bambi would trade Gloria for Evelyn, and Brooke would send herself, and let L.A. take Tami. Awesome question, Kourtney.

Closing Thoughts

It seemed like maybe after Laura apologized to Jackie, those two were okay, but in the final moments of the show, Draya brought up the fact that Laura said a lot of things at the reunion that she should have said earlier to Jackie. “You a foul b—h. You a punk,” she told Laura, who explained that she didn’t owe it to Draya to make any kind of public apologies. “It’s called ‘not communicating with you because you have no relevance in my life,” Laura said to Draya. But Draya wasn’t happy to leave it at that and accused Laura of not being able to “take the wrong.” It was a down note to end the show on, there were no group hugs or kumbaya moments, but leaving it open-ended like that means there’s plenty of room for armchair psychology and discussion in the comments. Have at it!

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