The Reunion Interview: Malaysia Pargo Lets The Universe Work Things Out For Her


Malaysia Pargo Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion
Soft-spoken Basketball Wives L.A. star Malaysia Pargo really does come off as sweet as honey when you talk to her in person. During our recent chat at the season two reunion, she was every bit the calm, cool lady we’ve seen on the show this season, just trying to keep things copacetic among her co-stars. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that she’s had words with some of the ladies on the show this season, she swears she only wishes them all well and has never tried to be fake or “funny” with any of them, not even Brooke during that odd phone conversation they had.

Read what Malaysia had to say about her current status with all the ladies, and just how hard it was to bring her real-life BFF, Bambi, into such a volatile situation. (Spoiler alert: she says it was one of the hardest things ever.)

There have been a lot of crazy casting rumors before this season even ended that some of you were leaving the show, how annoying is it to deal with stuff that can’t be verified or controlled?

Yeah, it’s annoying but rumors are gonna be rumors, and life wouldn’t be life without rumors. It’s fine. You can never get used to rumors, but what can you do?

This season you were really trying to be the mediator, but sometimes it didn’t really work out the way you planned.

I’m just naturally like that, I want everyone to get along and have a good time. I just thought most of our issues were weird and something that you could brush under the rug. I feel like if something’s not really serious or life threatening, if it’s something you can get over then yes, I will be the peacemaker. If it’s stuff you can’t get over, I’ll just give my opinion and leave it alone.

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In New Orleans at your final dinner, you get so frustrated that you just call everyone a—holes, which is funny because you were the peacemaker who was totally done with everyone by that point.

Yeah, there were many times where I had totally had it but in life you have to work hard to accomplish things and I’m not a person who gives up. All of the girls have a good heart but some personalities clash. I’m getting that now. And that was a lesson I learned from this season. Just because you all have stuff in common doesn’t mean you’ll all get along. But yes, I did get irritated. It was four months of oh, come on, why am I in the middle of things?

What happened after that dinner? Did everyone just leave feeling like, okay we agree to disagree?

Everything we got out at that table, we left at that table and we moved on. So some of us stayed in contact with each other, some of us haven’t. I’ve stayed in touch, of course, with Bambi, with Draya, and with Jackie. The way that it left in New Orleans is the way that it is today.

What was it like bringing Bambi, who is your real-life friend, onto this show?

That was like, on of the hardest things that you’ll ever have to do. At the end of the day Bambi is like a sister to me, she knows my ins and out, and I know what makes her tick, how to smooth things over, when to hold her back, I know it all. But what we don’t know is television. The relationships with other girls, the chemistry. My relationship with Laura is totally different than my relationship with Bambi. Trying to make sure they don’t get into it so that I could have both friendships was very hard. That goes for anyone, trying to make sure that relationships don’t clash was one of the hardest things. But at the end of the day, my loyalty to her will always shine through.

Did your relationship with Laura get worse because of the Twitter beefs she had offscreen all season with Bambi? You guys were all really active on Twitter this year.

Interacting with my fans, I call them my Twitter family, is fun, you have your moments, there are sprinkles of people who don’t like me, and I kindly give them a seat, but the ones that support me, I see the and I make sure I speak to them because I know who they are. If they tweet me every day, I’ll respond to them a little faster because they’re not on me about anything. They like who I am, and it makes me feel good. Twitter hasn’t strained anything between Laura and I, I just think that on the whole our relationship was strained because we really didn’t connect too much this season. It’s not that we hate each other, we just aren’t in a strong suit right now.

On the one hand, Bambi really took to Jackie, and on the other, she really did not take to the Govans, were you surprised to see who she gravitated toward?

No, at the end of the day, she’s been around and was with me all last year, last season. She was on the phone with me after my fight with Laura. She was with me when I received the text from Gloria saying she was going to whoop my ass on sight. She knew all of that so yes, maybe she still hung on to that “you guys did my friend wrong” thing, she has that in her, but I asked her before she came on to keep an open mind, to meet Laura and she did for a while. But as a friend, you’re always going to keep your keen eye open and I don’t think she was feeling it with the Govan sisters.

How do you feel at this point about Brooke?

I still think Brooke is a cool girl. I don’t really know her that well but the person I did get to know was okay, she’s a good girl…I don’t really know how to say it but I wish her well. I don’t have no beef with her.

Watching back the scene of you two on that phone call, I think that’s what got her upset with you the most at a certain point, do you think you came off as shady or fake with her on that call?

Well, she knows as well as anyone else that there were parts that weren’t seen, and I think what she felt in that scene in her heart, she should keep it that way. Yes, I sat on Bambi’s lap, but it was not to be joking, yes, I asked her if her boyfriend was coming to the party, but that was out of respect for her. I had it in mind that I wanted her and Bambi to be friends, that was the only thing. Me trying to be funny with her was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m a grown woman, I don’t have time for that.

In New Orleans when Jackie gave her speech about her family, you and Draya both got very emotional while she was speaking. Did that speech change the way you saw Jackie?

It did. This whole season was dedicated to learning Jackie all over again, I pretty much put the person from last year behind me and agreed to take a new start because I feel everyone deserves a second chance. I went to Seattle seeking new information about Jackie, because she offered it up. I really did put more effort into getting to know her. Yes, she did things to irritate me too, but I always confronted them and I didn’t let it hang in the air, I faced it all with her and we moved forward, and here we are today. Her speech really changed a whole lot and I felt her. I’d be the same way, I’d be ride or die for my husband too.

What do you think of Laura scheming throughout the season?

Yeah, I don’t really like that too much, I think it’s very weird and it’s scary. How do you be friends with someone that wants to scheme and hurt you? In friendships you have your ups and downs and disagreements, and the moment you disagree with what I’m saying, you’re going to try and hurt me? That’s really scary.

You were there last season, do you understand her feelings somewhat, was her revenge this season justified at all?

I went through the same thing, and I don’t want to say it wasn’t justified, because I’m not in her body. I didn’t get what she got. I’m not her, so I don’t know how she felt. But I wouldn’t do it. Karma goes both ways and I’d rather let the universe handle it.

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