Marrying The Game – Finale – Game Over


Marrying The Game, at first definitive, quickly transformed into a Compton Shakespearean play–to marry the Game or not, that is the question.

It took Tiffney calling off the wedding to get Jayceon’s attention. Tiffney is apprehensive about his sudden rooftop apology because like Sunshine Anderson, she’s heard it all before. “So, then how do I know that this is not just another apology?” she asks. While Jayceon thinks the apology is enough for them to move forward, Tiffney wants to get to the root of their problems in order to actively work on fixing them. “I think that there’s things that you need from me that I’m not giving you,” said Tiffney. “And I think you seek other places for those things.” When she asks what she’s doing that causes his behavior toward her he responds without hesitation, “You’re selfish. You’re very selfish.”

Instead of communicating with one another Tiffney seeks advice from her aunt. “My vision has been fine-tuned and I’m starting to see things for what they really are.” She explains to her aunt one of her main issues is that Jayceon’s priority is his career opposed to his family. “I’ve really, really thought about this long and hard,” she said about her decision to call off the wedding. “The weaker side of me said, ‘Just go ahead and marry him Tiffney,’ but the strong Tiffney said, ‘Is this something that you want to commit to?'” Her aunt suggests the couple go to counseling, which is right up Tiffney’s alley. “You don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t make you feel 100% yourself,” her aunt reassures her.

Jayceon may talk tough, but he loves his woman. Begrudgingly, he agrees to give the therapist a try, but not without snark. “Well I’m just killing time before I go to the studio.” Tiff thinks she’s a great communicator, and Game disagrees. “Sometimes I like to be heard,” he said. “We never get to fix my problems ‘cause we’re always fixing hers.” Tiff is there to lay down the law, and what’s is to forever be understood is that she’s not going to tolerate disrespect. “Openly disrespecting you is not what I do,” he said. “I think all men cheat.” Looks like trust can be added to the list with poor communication as one of their issues. “So, when’s the last time you were unfaithful?” she asks. We’re guessing more than one therapy session is needed.

Jayceon’s at the studio finishing up his fifth album, Jesus Piece.The guys engage in a little smack talking about marriage being a death sentence. Game asks his married friend if he’d rather do his five years of marriage all over again or rob a bank to get 3 ½ years in the pen? Are these really the only two options, guys? C’mon! “You love it, you hate it, but you can’t live without it,” Game charmingly says about the love of his life.

When Tiffney shows up at the studio to talk, the guys get real quiet. “Hide ya kids, hide ya kids.”

Game’s good mood is annoying Tiffney. She means business and doesn’t want to see him with a goofy look on his face. “I don’t think you’re taking the relationship seriously,” she said. “We real serious. We got kids, houses and mortgages. I think that’s kind of serious,” he rebutted. Tiffney asks him what he suggests they do to fix “it” whatever “it” is. He thinks everything is fine because they love one another and have always made up in the past. Plus, he has an album to complete, and that’s his concern. This doesn’t work for Tiffney. “I called off my wedding behind this bulls—.” When he asks her to wait until he finishes the album,”Why wouldn’t you [wait] if my work is my hustle and that it’s providing for you and my children?” she clearly doesn’t have that in mind, “‘Cause I don’t want to.”

That didn’t end too well. Perhaps revisiting counseling will help the couple. “That guy was a joke,” Game said. “Was he a joke or are you a joke?” Tiffney responds. “For me, what I need at this point, maybe to step away,” she said. “I’m tired at this point.” Tiffney has never asked for a “break” from their relationship in eight years. Game knows this may truly be the end. “Jayceon, I’m out of here.”

To ease the pain Game pours a cup of Vodka . Tiffney is ready to do her, without Game. After all the arguing and wedding planning, the question of whether or not to marry Game was answered on the season finale. There were no wedding bells this go-round, but who knows what is in store for their future. We wish them the best. And a good therapist.

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