Best of 2012: The Best Blow Ups And Meltdowns Of Couples Therapy Season 2


Best of 2012: Couples Therapy Best Blow Ups & Melt Downs

As 2012 comes to a close, we at VH1 look back at our favorite moments of the year. On Couples Therapy, five couples worked through relationship issues with Dr. Jenn and her staff. At the close of the season, each couple showed improvement and grew, not only in their relationships, but as individuals. We are thrilled to have seen deep-seated issues get addressed and begin to be resolved, both in individuals and within the couples. But you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, and in the case of Couples Therapy, those cracked eggs come in the form of major meltdowns and brawls. Check out our favorites (in chronological order) of the season below the jump.

1. Shayne Misses Baby Press – The first major breakdown of the season was in episode two. The stress of living in the Couples Therapy house proved to be extremely trying on Shayne Lamas very early on and she couldn’t keep it inside. She blamed the meltdown on being apart from her gorgeous daughter, Press, butluckily she was able to stick it out for the remainder of the season.

2. Alex vs. Simon – The second big blow out of the season took place in episode three and was between Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen. It’s unclear what this fight was even originally about, but we’ve gathered it was some hybrid of Alex feeling unable to speak her mind and Simon being hard headed. The intense argument ended as Alex stormed away from Simon and she, unintentionally, provided the audience some much needed comic relief as she slipped on the wet ground. Luckily, Alex was only left with a bruised backside and ego, but she and Simon were eventually able to get to the core of the issue.

3. Denial and Drinking – Episode three’s group therapy session shed light on JoJo’s problem with alcohol. Even though JoJo didn’t agree to change during therapy, but it was only after he and Tiny were alone that we realized a more clear picture of how severe the problem was. Behind closed doors he criticized Tiny for “playing the victim” and demanded she not bring up his drinking problem again. Obviously we know now that Tiny would not be silenced, and good thing because had she continued to enable his behavior, we would have seen a very different story play out.

4. Couples Yoga Party of One – Couples yoga was supposed to be a relaxing activity and it would have been had Courtney arrived to the house on time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there to participate. Doug decided to give it a try without her, but after a few minutes abruptly changed his mind. The stress of missing his wife finally got to him. Shayne attempted to calm him down, but it backfired big time and turned into one of the biggest blow ups and melt downs (yes, it is both) of the season.

5. Bowling and Bawling – In the fourth episode, the couples are rewarded for their hard work with a fun night of bowling. Unfortunately, the fun is short-lived because Shayne (among other people) is sick of Courtney Stodden’s attire and mannerisms. She storms out of the bowling alley and when hubby, Nik Richie, chases after her the issue takes a dark turn from sipping on the Courtney haterade to a major blow out between Shayne and Nik that almost sends Nik packing.

We’re happy to report that all of the couples left the house in a better place than they were in when they left. We wish each of them the best and cannot wait to see what they have in store for the world in 2013! What were your favorite moments of Couples Therapy? Let us know in the comments section!

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