Best Of 2012: What Was Your Favorite Scene From Season Four Of Basketball Wives?


On a season so jam-packed full of drama, it’s hard to narrow down just one moment on the Miami version of Basketball Wives that stands out as the biggest, but that’s just what we’re asking you to do. Between the epic, season-long fight between Evelyn and Jennifer which ended in a reunion reconciliation, to the Kenya‘s “loose” comments, most of the season was dominated by conflict. But there were some other amazing moments we loved too, and we’ve got them all below. Watch them and then vote for your favorite! We’ll start with the clip above, The Toast-Off.

In the first clip (above), it’s Shaunie’s birthday…A time to celebrate the friendship of a wonderful woman. Or, alternately, a time to one-up your friends with toasts that go on forever. Ev and Jennifer both try to outdo one another toasts while simultaneously throwing shade at each other, and Ev’s reactions to Jennifer’s toast might be one of the funniest/most awkward moments of the season.

A Loose Woman

Kesha and Kenya had their fair share of differences, but during one particularly heated moment (where Kenya took of her now-infamous kitten heels and was ready to fight), Kesha outed Kenya as having said Evelyn was “loose.” And the rest is Basketball Wives 101 History.

A Day At The Races

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Nia. In one of the most famous scenes from the season, Evelyn’s friend and assistant takes matters into her own hands when she offers to give Jennifer a wake up call and Jennifer dares her to go for it.

Kenya’s Video

Kenya worked hard on her music career all season, but when the time comes to screen her music video for “Choices” in front of the girls, they are seriously harsh critics. Not only is she accused of being a Jennifer-wannabe, but they savagely tear into her video.

The Polygraph Test That Saved A Friendship

At the reunion, Evelyn and Jennifer were both given polygraph tests which revealed that they both missed each other and regretted the end of their friendship. In a moment of peace, love, and understanding, they made nice and actually made a vow to put an end to their fight.

Basketball Wives Best Scene Of 2012

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