The Basketball Wives L.A. Ladies Offer An Expectant Mom Some Motherly Advice


Motherhood is a big deal to all the ladies of Basketball Wives L.A., and the fact that it played a fairly significant role in this season’s storyline, I felt like it was only appropriate to bring up the subject with the ladies. See, I, your friendly VH1 blogger, am pregnant with my first child, and at the time of the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion I was entering my glowy second trimester and wanted to hear what kinds of advice these ladies would offer an expectant mother. (The entire cast, with the exception of Bambi, has children, but don’t you worry, Bambi’s advice was SO Bambi.)

Before you go off and criticize them or ask me why I’d take advice from a reality star, let me just say that I was surprised at how thoughtful all the ladies’ answers were and appreciate their enthusiasm for me and my still-unnamed baby. Here’s what they told me when I asked for their number one tip for a new mom.

Draya: I am a picture person. I love photographs, so just take a lot of pictures when they’re babies. Because when they’re like five, you won’t remember what it was like when they were that little, I can’t even remember my baby when he was that small and he couldn’t talk. I can only remember when he started talking, took his baby steps, just take a lot of pictures to remember it as best you can.

Brooke: I have three children, and with every one, it’s different. They grow up so fast, I can remember so vividly like it was yesterday having my first baby, holding her, seeing the doctor cut the umbilical cord, I remember all of that, but there’s no book you can read that’s going to tell you how to love, spoil, raise, take care of, have patience with your baby. They’re little people with opinions, and their opinions matter. They feel certain kinds of ways and we’re molding them to be our future. My mom always said “Hold her as much as you want, it’s not spoiling them, it’s loving them.” And forget what people tell you.

Malaysia: Keep the baby on a schedule. That’s the best advice I can give you. Once the baby is in a routine, it makes life so much easier for you. If you have to stop what you’re doing to put the baby to sleep, do it. Also, never put the baby in the bed with you. Love them up, cuddle with them, but keep them in the crib at night because otherwise, you will never, ever, ever be able to get them out of the bed after that.

Laura: Eat good, have a lotta sex.

Jackie: This season has taught me a lot, I always thought that I was a great mom by just being there and loving my kids and making sure that they were happy and smiling. Communication, definitely. Communication from when they’re young. I think what I would do is just to make sure that you’re asking them all time what they feel and want and that’s it.

Gloria: Never underestimate the beauty of sleep. Seriously. If you can fall asleep standing up, leaning against a wall, DO IT. And if you have any signs of postpartum depression, get them checked out. I had postpartum depression up until about two weeks. Always let your significant other do nighttime duties. As a new mom you might be like “I want to do it all!” But hell no. That baby has no clue. Nursing is your bonding moment but let him change diapers and all that. Girl, you need that extra hand…

Bambi: Sprinkle the baby with lots of shimmer.

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