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Basketball Wives Episode 7 Sneak: I Will Admit That I Did Hear That You Were Loose

Ohhhh, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. The girl is definitely not winning any points with Evelyn this week, as she continues to talk circles around whether or not she called Ev “loose,” and in this sneak from Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives, she digs herself a little deeper with every word she utters.

Watch as Kesha conveniently slips out of the conversation she started, leaving Kenya to defend herself. This is only the beginning, pretty soon, the wine bottles are going to start flying.
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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 3/30/12: Kenya Bell Shows Up In K’Jon’s New Video, T.I. Parties With Iggy Azalea

  • The music video that Kenya Bell filmed on Basketball Wives is not the first one she’s appeared in, it turns out. Check out the video above, in which Kenya dances alongside K’Jon is his video for “Bad Gurl.” [Bossip]
  • Our girl Carrie Keagan was featured on’s website, talking about Basketball Wives, Chris Brown, and of course, Big Morning Buzz Live. []
  • June Ambrose never got to work with Whitney Houston and says “I just felt like Whitney and I would have been great together.” Washington Post]
  • Pics: T.I. and Tiny partied with Iggy Azalea in Atlanta this week. [TheYBF]
  • Tami Roman and Kesha Nichols both called in to TT Torrez’ radio show this week to address the rumors that Kesha is involved with a BBW producer and is receiving special treatment and more flattering editing on the show. Unsurprisingly, they have different opinions on the matter. [TheYBF]
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    Watch Our Full Face To Face Interview With Royce Reed In Case You Missed It

    Royce Reed joined us last week for our first ever Basketball Wives Face To Face live chat, and in case you weren’t able to tune in as the event happened live, we have the whole interview with Royce right here.

    Royce, as always, is completely open about her life, the show, and her relationships with the other women, so it’s hard to pick a favorite moment from this clip, but if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, trust me when I say that you should just watch the final minute when Royce tells the world “My boobs are real! Stop tweeting me about it. STOP tweeting me about it. And I don’t wear butt pads. Okay.”

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    Tami Roman Is Back On Her Feet After Her Heart Scare And Admits To Having Heart Disease

    Tami Roman suffered a minor heart attack on Monday night, but after a few days of rest and recovery, Roman appears to be back in action and she’s not ready to pause her grind. Roman tweeted yesterday that she’ll be traveling to Atlantic City today and to Atlanta this weekend to promote The Tombs, the film she recently produced, at the Atlanta Film Festival.

    “U can’t keep me down! Just left doctor-everything is back to normal YAY-God is good! Now, back to the GRIND-NJFFF here I come :)” she wrote yesterday, and she later added that her heart attack was the result of heart disease, which she has battled privately. “I have never publicly said it, but I have heart disease,” she stated. We’re happy to hear that Tami is out and about and well enough to travel this week, but girl, don’t push it! We need you healthy enough to be in full-Tami mode for the reunion.

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    Mob Wives Episode 12 Sneak Peeks: Word On The Street Is That Junior Flipped

    Last week on Mob Wives, Renee Graziano lost two of the most important men in her lives to crime. While her ex-husband, Junior, turned himself in to the police, Renee also learned that her father was being arrested the very same day. This week on the show, we learn that the two events aren’t mutually exclusive. In the sneak from the upcoming episode, above, watch as Drita and Carla discuss what people on Staten Island have been saying about Junior. “Word on the street,” Drita says, “and what everybody’s saying, is that Junior flipped.”

    Big Ang, for one, hopes it’s not true, because, she says “That’s just not the way we do things.” The entire episode airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. You can see more sneak peeks from this episode here.

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    Mob Wives In The New York Times

    The Mob Wives just went legit. We’ve known and loved the show since last year, but the New York Times featured the cast and producers in an article yesterday discussing the brave and revolutionary way these ladies are representing themselves and their families. Producer Jennifer Graziano explained that her pitch to VH1 from the women’s perspective. “This isn’t about the men,” was her pitch. “It’s really how the lifestyle itself affects the ladies. And when men go to jail and leave their families behind, what the woman needs to do to support themselves and pick up the pieces.”

    The article also reveals that Karen Gravano initially turned down the show, until Jenn Graziano convinced her otherwise, with the same argument. “She said that it would be all the women’s history and how they moved past it. I did want to shed light on what the families go through and how you overcome different things.” And not that this should surprise anyone, but the best quote from the article comes from Big Ang who explains her presence on the show by saying “I’m in my 50s, they are in the 30s. I’m going to teach them manners.”

    [Photos: Danny Ghitis for The New York Times]

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    Corri McFadden Talks Episode 3 Of House Of Consignment: Welcome To Betseyland

    Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode.This week, Corri talks about taking a trip to Betseyland, where the Chanel bags are handed out like nobody’s business, and it gets a little kooky from time to time.

    Were you surprised to receive your invitation to Betseyland and did you actually make use of it?

    Nothing surprises me about Betsey. We had a premiere party last week and she was there. I was the last person leaving, and as I’m walking down the street with my boyfriend, all of a sudden I hear “VROOOOOM,” and I see this X5 come flying by going like 70 down the street, I was like “Oh my God, Betsey’s going to die before episode three!” She is in her own world, I have to respect that, she does her own thing. She’s so much fun. We just did a pickup from her the other day.

    Was she a client prior to the show?

    No, but she’s a returning client. When I got my invite to Betseyland, which was a real invite in a card she had made, it didn’t surprise me at all. I don’t know if I could go on a trip with her, she’s the kind of person you go on a trip with and you don’t come back! [Laughs] She was a fun, we got rid of everything in her closet. Everything on that rolling rack came with us.

    You guys were shocked when she announced that she planned to give her purses away to her hair colorist and her manicurist. Why do you think she should have sold them instead of just giving them away?

    You’d get $1500 back from selling one of them. So, let’s say you do want to give that person a handbag, why not take that $1500, go buy them a Marc Jacobs bag for $400, give them a bag and take the cash? Or if you do want to give it away, everyone says “I’ll give it to charity,” but what is charity going to do with a Chanel bag? They want a check. Every charity wants a check, unless it’s a donation to a silent auction, and they don’t want a used bag, they want a new one. So turn it into cash and then do whatever you want with it. That’s what I tell celebrities. Leverage your name to make some amazing money and donate it back. But when you just start giving things away to everyone, you create a circle of people around you who are just using you and it’s not real.

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    Time To Bid On The House Of Consignment Item Of The Week!

    We know it can be hard to watch a show like House Of Consignment where there’s amazing fashion everyone and get wistful that your own closet just doesn’t measure up. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that Corri McFadden and the rest of her eDrop-Off team totally understood that viewers would want in on the eBay action, so they’ve held one item from every closet clean out that’s featured this season on the show, and that piece will be placed in an auction that goes live immediately after every show. This week’s closet belonged to Betsey (you know, of Betseyland), and one of the items she parted with was this beautiful and timeless quilted Chanel bag. To bid on the bag, click here.

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    Dr. Jenn Talks Couples Therapy Episode Two: “You Will Understand Why Every One Of These People Is The Way They Are”

    Dr. Jenn Berman has been counseling people and offering advice to people in need for some twenty years now, but on VH1?s Couples Therapy, this marks her first time working with a group of ten celebrities whose relationships are in desperate need of repair. We’ll be checking in with Dr. Jenn each week to chat about the progress of her patients on the show, and what she really thinks of their behavior. This week on the show, Reichen and Rodiney were introduced to the group, and we learned more about DMX‘s past.

    When it comes to Reichen and Rodiney, they’ve been separated the longest of all the couples; they had been broken up for seven months before they were reunited on the show. How much of a toll does that kind of distance take on a relationship?

    I think in their case it was a good breather and they needed it. They had come from such a volatile situation with The A-List and how things unraveled on that show, that their time apart was really good. I don’t think they were capable of getting resolution to what happened when it was so fresh and raw, so that distance was actually really good.
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    Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 6: “Kenya, You LIED A LOT!”

    It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.
    First and foremost I want everyone to keep Tami in their prayers. I did check on her despite her being upset with me and she seems to be doing okay. You are never promised another day let alone a minute so cherish those you love and let minor issues go!

    With that said, let’s talk about the show.
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