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Andrea Kelly’s Hollywood Exes Recap – Episode 1 – Welcome To Our Worlds!

Andrea Kelly Recaps Hollywood Exes
Andrea Kelly is a busy woman, between her dancing, her move to Los Angeles, and being a full-time mom. We’re so thrilled though that she’s taken the time from her schedule to contribute weekly recaps of Hollywood Exes to the VH1 Blog. Here’s her first installment, we can’t wait to read the rest.

Welcome to our worlds! I’m not going to get too deep on this one. This is just a hello! What’s good? A chance for us all to have some one-on-one girl time. Please understand, “Hollywood Exes” is not about our famous ex-husbands and why we’re divorced. It’s about five dynamic women and why these men married us. Check ya email! We’re entrepreneurs; smart, beautiful, funny, and real women. These are the qualities that attracted our exes to us. Now the world gets to witness what they already know. So buckle up baby, and hold on to your weave! It’s about to be the ride of your life!

As we embark upon a journey of rediscovery there’s going to be some joy and pain along the way. We will shed tears and high five each other to victory. My girls and I will agree to disagree, but in the end we have each others backs! This sisterhood is the real deal, and we are so proud to share it with all of you. As we get more into the season I’ll get a little juicer, go a little deeper, and “make it do what it do,” Drea-style, because you all know, “Baby hair don’t care!” I’m going to give it to you straight…like a fresh perm!
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Hollywood Exes Star Jessica Canseco Has Found A Fountain Of Youth [Photos]

Jessica Canseco Photos Hollywood Exes
Jessica Canseco admits to having work done. If you’ve seen the premiere episode of Hollywood Exes, you’ll know that she has had alllll kinds of work done, in places on her body that you can see and other places you can’t. That doesn’t change the fact that this is a woman who is naturally beautiful and takes amazing care of herself. If there’s an experimental surgery that would give us legs like hers we’d gladly sign up for it. Just to prove that Jessica has barely aged a day over the past decade, we put together a photo gallery of her through the years, and the woman looks the same now as she did back when she was married to her ex, Jose. Better, if that’s even possible.

Check out the pics of Jessica (including her Playboy cover from 2005) and tune in to Hollywood Exes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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VH1 Gossip Roundup For The Week Of 6/29/12: Ryan Murphy And Fiona Apple Freak Out For Mob Wives

Fiona Apple Mob Wives

  • In a recent New York Magazine profile of Fiona Apple, the singer admitted to watching a four hour marathon of Mob Wives. Her review: “wwooooooww…” [NY Mag]
  • And in another New York Magazine interview, Glee creator Ryan Murphy also professed his love for Mob Wives, saying he wished Jane Lynch and Jessica Lange would show up to cameo on the series. [NY Mag]
  • Bleacher Report named Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie and Baseball Wives star Jordana Lenz two of its 20 Sports WAG‘s To Follow on Twitter. Congrats, ladies! [Bleacher Report]
  • Terrell Owens‘ luck continues to run out…A woman that he Skyped with is shopping around nude screenshots she took of him during an intimate “conversation.” [VH1 Celebrity]

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Single Ladies Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Where’s That Sex Tape?

Remember when Raquel and Keisha told Shelly that they heard she had a sex tape on Single Ladies? Well Shelly better watch out, because the world might find out about the tape too, now that it’s been stolen. Shelly made the tape with Terrance (Malcolm’s little brother — you remember him, right?) and he assures her he can get it back, but judging from this clip, we don’t quite trust him.

To see how this plays out, check out Single Ladies on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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Sheree Fletcher Sought Ex Will Smith’s Blessing Before Signing On To Hollywood Exes, And Hopes The Show Encourages Women

Sheree Fletcher Hollywood Exes
Sheree Fletcher, star of Hollywood Exes, is one of the most grounded reality stars out there. In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Sheree talks about being Will Smith‘s ex-wife, what she thinks of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith‘s marriage (“I think they have an amazing relationship.”), and how she feels being on a reality show. And despite her fame, basically, she comes off like the most normal lady out there.

“Any time you break up in the public eye, there’s so much scrutiny involved. People come into their own set of conclusions without knowing the full story and they have an opinion,” she explained. “That’s part of the down side and sort of comes with the territory.” She says that she did want to run the concept of her new show past her ex though, given the show’s title and all. “I didn’t need Will’s permission to do the show,” she says. “There was nothing that I needed to sign in order to do the show. You know, our son is 19, so out of respect, of course I told him that this was what I was considering doing. He gave me his blessing to have a good time.” And as far as this being your typical reality show full of women fighting, she’s happy to report that it’s not. “They wanted to show women in a positive light and women coming together and being supportive and encouraging one another, a kind of a sorority type of thing. So that kind of piqued my interest. Women can come together and do something great. We can disagree respectfully. I want people to know that women need women. We really do, and I want women to be encouraged.”

Hollywood Exes airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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Mob Wives Chicago Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Point Your Finger In Someone Else’s Face

Another day on Mob Wives Chicago, another fight brewing between the ladies. This week Nora and Renee are trying to work out their differences, and before they can even lay out what their grievances are, it gets messy reaaaaal fast and Nora says something that hits Renee way below the belt.

The drama continues on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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No Big Surprise: Evelyn Says She’s Not Inviting Jennifer To Her Wedding

Jennifer Williams Evelyn Lozada

Ever since their big reconciliation at the Basketball Wives reunion last month, the question on a lot of fans’ minds has been whether or not Evelyn Lozada will invite Jennifer Williams to her wedding. Throughout the last season of the show it was clear that Jennifer was not invited (with Evelyn going so far as to joke about creating a line of uninvitations to send to people she had second thoughts about), but then, no one saw it coming when the two tearfully hugged and made nice at the reunion, so we wondered if maybe the olive branch/save the date would be extended after all.

Evelyn answered the question of whether or not Jenn would be coming to her nuptials, which are taking place in the next few weeks, when she told Eurweb “She hasn’t been invited because everything just happened…There were things that were said about Chad [Ochocinco] in interviews and that’s where a lot of all of this drama stems from. I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable.” Evelyn then echoed the sentiment she talked to us about recently, saying they’re taking things one day at a time. “It’s a touchy situation,” she said. “I’m not saying we’re not never gonna be friends again, but one step at a time. That’s the only thing that I can say, one step at a time.”
[Photo: Getty Images]

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Hollywood Exes Star Nicole Murphy, Still Gorgeous After All These Years

Nicole Murphy Eddie Murphy Hollywood Exes Through The Years
It’s really annoying when gorgeous women barely seem to age, so I guess I’m just going to have to be annoyed with the entire cast of Hollywood Exes for the whole season. Nicole Murphy in particular looks as good now as she did when she was married to her ex, Eddie Murphy, twenty years ago, so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate her amazing genes and her style evolution through the years with a little photo gallery. But don’t get annoyed like me, think of it as something to aspire to, because she makes looking flawless seem effortless.

Hollywood Exes airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode 3 Sneak Peek: “Have I Hit it? Yeah.”

Believe it or not, Joseline is very stingy with her kitty cat. At least I think that’s what she’s saying in the sneak peek for episode three of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. That’s how she knows that the baby she’s carrying is Stevie J‘s and not some other guy’s. But as you can see, Stevie is not ready to accept this news that he’s the father. “Have I hit it? Yeah,” he admits. But in his world, his super sperm apparently don’t make babies.

Gotta love how he plays with the pregnancy test throughout the entire conversation, too. Dude, you know she peed on that, right?

To see what happens between Joseline, Stevie, Mimi and the rest of the cast, tune in to the full episode of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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