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Evelyn And Chad Featured On HBO’s Hard Knocks And Talk About “Cobweb Mode”

Last night was the season premiere of HBO’s series Hard Knocks, and this season focuses on the NFL training camp of the Miami Dolphins. So you know what that means… Yup, Chad Ochocinco was featured on the show, as was Evelyn, and Ev just posted this clip to her blog today where the two discuss Evelyn’s tactic to withhold sex unless Chad scores a touchdown. Since last season wasn’t his best, Chad informs us that he was, unfortunately, in “cobweb mode.” Hard Knocks airs on Tuesday night on HBO, and starting on September 3, Ev And Ocho will air every Monday at 9:30 pm ET/PT.
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Mimi Faust Talks To The Village Voice About Her Mother’s Connection With Scientology

Mimi Faust Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Scientology
Last week on Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, Mimi Faust made the rather shocking announcement that her mother, Gloria Eva Simmons James, abandoned Mimi and the rest of their family in order to pursue Scientology. By the time Mimi reached the age of thirteen, her mom had moved to the Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles and took Mimi with her, but Mimi realized the religion wasn’t for her and she left on her own. In a recent interview with the Village Voice, Mimi shares her story in detail about what happened next and how Scientology had a firm grip on her mother until her death. We’ve outlined her pretty unbelievable and sad story below, and the entire thing is available online at the Voice‘s website.

  • “When my mom joined Scientology, I was still living here in Atlanta. I think I was six or seven when she was introduced to Scientology. By the time I was 8 or 9 she just went balls to the wall and sold everything we owned. Our house, our car, everything,” Mimi says. Then, at the age of thirteen, her mother left Mimi’s two older siblings behind in Atlanta and took Mimi to Hollywood to live at Scientology headquarters. There, here mother signed a billion-year contract with the religion.
  • While they lived at the Scientology facility, her mother worked for the intelligence division of the organization. “I had no idea what she did from the day we got there until the day she died.” After a few years, Mimi was asked to join the religion herself but refused. “At 13, they told me that I was a freeloader. I was eating their food and staying in their facility. They told me I either needed to sign a billion-year contract or I had to leave.” So while she was still in high school, she left the housing complex, couch surfed for the rest of the school year, and later found a job to support herself. “I figured my mom would try to stop me. But there was nothing. She didn’t ask me where I was going, she didn’t ask if I had bus fare. I think that’s what hurt the most. That she just watched me walk away.”
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The Cast Of Couples Therapy Season Two Is Confirmed

Couples Therapy Season Two Cast Alex McCord Courtney Stodden JoJo Shayne Lamas

There have been rumblings about which celebrities would be appearing on season two of VH1’s successful relationship rehab show Couples Therapy, and we’re happy to announce that finally, we can reveal all the participants. The new cast of couples will consist of seventeen-year-old Courtney Stodden and her 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison, Real Housewives Of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, R and B singer JoJo of K-Ci and JoJo, and his wife Tiny, rapper Too Short and his longtime girlfriend Monica Payne, and Bachelor star Shayne Lamas and her husband, Nik Richie.

Couples Therapy will premiere in the fall of 2012.

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The Best Tweets From The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta: Joseline Apologizes For Putting Her Lil’ Paws On Stevie

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Tweets Of The Night

One of the best parts of our week is following along on Twitter while the cast of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta live-tweets their show. We learn a lot, we laugh a lot, and sometimes we shake our head in disbelief. This week, Scrappy, Erica, K.Michelle and Rasheeda all had things to say about their own plotlines, and Joseline used Twitter as a place to apologize to Stevie for her attack in Dr. Jeff’s office. See? Twitter is a positive place where good things can happen. Read all our favorite cast tweets below.

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Single Ladies – Episode 11 – Love In An Elevator

All this tantric sex business is wiping Raquel out. The hours-long sex sessions with Charles, the making out with full eye contact. Keisha starts noticing that not only is all that eye contact weird, but Raquel can barely stay away during daylight hours lately.

“I don’t want to belittle our spiritual connection,” Raquel tells Keisha, “but it would be nice to get a quickie sometimes.” Read more…


Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta – Episode 8 – Three’s A Crowd

“When I saw Joseline jump up and WWF his a—, what was I supposed to do? I’m just scoot on over and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ahhh!” At least Mimi and Joseline can seem to agree on one thing.

Therapy never hurt nobody! Mimi and Stevie J‘s therapy session last week got real when Dr. Jeff got Stevie to admit he was a liar, and both of their abandonment issues were laid on the table. To get things back right with Mimi, Stevie J heads to the park with her and their adorable two-year-old daughter. Of course enjoying the time with their baby led to a discussion about Stevie J’s ways. “I don’t want you to think or get so comfortable that you think I’m so cool that anything goes,” said Mimi. “I’m not that cool.” Stevie drops the bomb on Mimi that he wants Mimi and Joseline to go to therapy together with him so they can move forward. Not a good look, Stevie. Going to counseling with your main chick and side chick is a bomb waiting to explode. “I’m in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. So why in the f— would I have Joseline at my therapy session?” Read more…

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Hollywood Exes Episode 8 Sneak Peek: All Apologies

The drama that played out last week between Jessica and the rest of the girls is still a hot topic on Hollywood Exes this week. In this sneak peek, Drea fills her boyfriend Percy in on what happened between the girls, and later, Jessica and Sheree actually meet to make amends. Later in the episode though, there are still some hard feelings between some of the girls. Tune in on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT to watch the story unfold.

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10 Things We Learned About K.Michelle From Her Breakfast Club Appearance Today

This morning, Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta star K.Michelle appeared on The Breakfast Club and was her usual hilarious and unfiltered self. One of the things we love about her is that she always has something new to talk about in every interview she does, so here are ten things we learned about the Memphis singer from her interview today.

  • The “K” stands for Kimberly.
  • She was R. Kelly‘s protege and she was signed to Jive to be the “female R. Kelly.” Of their relationship now, she says “We’re friends. He’s still very supportive.”
  • It was Mase who’s responsible for getting her to move from Memphis to Atlanta, and when he got her there, he put the moves on her. (“I didn’t let him do anything,” she says.)
  • She pokes fun of Karlie Redd‘s (who she calls “Fossil Red) age and always brings up the deflated butt cheek as a joke, her real beef with Karlie though, is that, as she says “It’s always something with you, you are always so concerned about me.”
  • Regarding why she let herself get caught up in the moment on the show and almost fought Karlie, she says “If I’m minding my business in my own little bubble, I just don’t do untamed humans. When it gets to that, I don’t know how to do that.”
  • She has plans to participate in the next season of the show.
  • She’s not interested in letting Stevie J produce her, and she definitely has no plans to collaborate with Joseline, although she’s not hating on her. “I like to find a little piece of good in everybody…I really think Joseline, I really think she’s been through a lot. I just think you can’t blame someone if she don’t know.”
  • If she has to choose between music and having a stable family, she’d choose family. “That’s what’s important. People don’t give a f— about you nowadays. I would rather have people that actually care about me.”
  • She has plans to open a nail salon in Memphis.
  • With regard to the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show, she calls the taping “exciting” and “very entertaining.”
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