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Expect To See A Kinder, More Accepting Gloria Govan This Season On Basketball Wives LA

Last season on Basketball Wives LA, Gloria Govan and her fiance Matt Barnes closed the door on their relationship. This season, it’s opening back up. In this exclusive video profile of Gloria, she tells us what she did during her time away from Matt, and why the decided to get back together.

And as for her relationships with the rest of the cast on the show, she says she’s more relaxed and “not so stuck up” this season. “I’m just kind of like, whatever you do is your business. Whoever you’ve slept with or whatever the case may be, that is all you I have a lot going on so I don’t really care,” she tells us. She just wants to be a more accepting Gloria, and we can get on board with that. To see this new version of Gloria Govan, tune in to the season premiere of Basketball Wives LA on September 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Drama, Chaos, And Life Lessons: Laura Govan Is Coming Back For All Of It On Basketball Wives LA

“I didn’t like seeing myself on TV because that’s the Laura that you guys got introduced to and that’s not the Laura that I know,” Laura Govan, star of Basketball Wives LA, told us in this exclusive video profile. “It kinda was like watching another person but not really wanting to see her ’cause it was kind of like, weird.” So she’s back for a second season to set the record straight, to get back to herself, and, hey, it doesn’t hurt that she has a crazy, killer new body to show off on the show, too.

Basketball Wives LA premieres on Monday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
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Karlie Redd Tells VH1 Her Top Five Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Highlights

This morning on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, Karlie Redd was on hand to talk all things Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. (We’ll also have an exclusive post-reunion interview with Karlie next week, too.) But for now, the folks at Buzz wanted to see what Karlie’s top five moments from part one of the reunion special included. We’ve got Karlie’s list right here, and they include:
5. Rasheeda and K.Michelle’s near-physical confrontation
4. Mimi defends Stevie J.
3. “Jump b—h!”
2. Joseline faces the “man” rumors
1. The face-off between Karlie and K.Michelle

Watch Karlie discuss each moment above, and after the jump, we have a bonus segment with Karlie in which she explains how she caught good old (monogamous) Benzino cheating on her, and where her beef with K.Michelle came from. Read more…

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The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Cast Was Tweeting In Full Force Last Night During The Reunion

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Tweets Of The Night

Each week during this season of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, the cast has been taking their live-tweeting during the show very seriously. It’s just one of the reasons we love them so much, they never fail to entertain us simultaneously on our TV screens and our computer screens. Even though last night’s drama stakes were a little higher because it was a reunion episode, several cast members were still tweeting up a storm, and we pulled out a few of our favorite tweets to share. Take a look at some of the best ones from Mimi, Scrappy, Joseline and Ariane, below.

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Listen To Rasheeda’s Latest Single “Legs To The Moon” Featuring Kandi

Rasheeda may have been beefing with K.Michelle last night on the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion, but despite the personal drama she’s clearly still focused, first and foremost, on her career. She even dropped a new single this week called “Legs To The Moon” (no one ever accused this Georgia peach of subtlety), and it features another ATL favorite, Kandi, on vocals, and hubby Kirk on sexy cameo duty. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
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Single Ladies Poll: Did Keisha Make The Right Choice?

Single Ladies Season Finale Poll Keisha Malcolm

Single Ladies is over for the season and we were left with not one but, five or so cliffhangers that are going to drive us crazy until season three. But one thing we want to know from you guys is what you think about Keisha’s decision. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

In the last ten minutes of the episode, Keisha tearfully broke things off with Sean and reunited with Malcolm. (And left Agent Winston in the dust without even a second thought. Rick Fox, if you need a rebound, call me.) But given her volatile past with Malcolm and the general hotness of all her suitors, we wonder if Malcolm is the right choice. Are they meant to be, or is their reunion just a recipe for disaster? Let us know in our poll below!

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14 Unmissable Moments From The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Part I

Throughout the course of the night tonight on part one of the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special, there were scenes big and small that qualified as “priceless.” From tiny wardrobe elements to all-out fights, there were plenty of scenes that were thoroughly entertaining and are the exact reason we tune in to these reunions. We started out writing this post with the intention of picking the top ten best moments of the night for you, but it turns out there were more like fourteen because our list just kept growing and growing. Here’s our crop of of the can’t-miss moments from the reunion. And don’t forget that part two airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

1. Joseline’s Hater Mask
Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Best Moments
Joseline, what is going on with those glasses?” Mona Scott-Young asked in the first minute of the reunion. Joseline looked ready to attend a masquerade ball with her rhinestone-encrusted mask, but she told Mona they weren’t for shielding her identity, “Well, you know, I had to put on my shades for all you hating-a— b—ches.” Obviously. Read more…

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Join The VH1 Face-to-Face After Show: Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Tonight is the night! We know you’re getting ready to watch the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special which airs at 8 p.m. ET, but don’t forget that immediately following the broadcast, right here in this space, you can also chat directly with Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi in our first ever VH1 Face-to-Face After Show. In conjunction with Spreecast, we’ll be hosting a live chat with these stars, as well as some other special guests, but more importanty, you are invited and expected to participate. So hook up your webcams, get your questions ready, and log in to Spreecast to chat with the stars of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta starting at 9 p.m. sharp.
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Hollywood Exes Season Finale Sneak Peek: The End Of An Era

This week marks the end of Hollywood Exes, and emotions are bittersweet all around. While Mayte awaits the news of whether or not she booked the movie she auditioned for, Sheree is trying to “buy some time” with Terrell (a.k.a. buying him a fancy gift to put off moving to San Diego full-time) in order to keep the peace in that realm of her life. Meanwhile, Drea is going to the tattoo parlor to get some old ink revamped and it is toootally freaking her out. Watch the sneak peek right here, and tune in to the season finale when it airs this Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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