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Jackie Christie’s Making Music! Listen To Her New Single “Woman Of The Year”

Jackie Christie is a woman of many talents: author, fashion designer, reality star, and now, musician. The Basketball Wives L.A. star just released a single on iTunes called “Woman Of The Year” which you can listen to in its entirety right here, and purchase here. Honestly, we’re pretty impressed with how catchy it is, the lady can rap. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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Pic Of The Day: Drita And Jenny McCarthy Are On Point

Drita D'Avanzo Jenny McCarty Voices On Point Gala

For today’s pic of the day, we spotted Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo hanging with funny lady Jenny McCarthy at the Voices On Point Gala. Drita posted the shot on Facebook and wrote “Me and my girl Jenny Mcarthy at The Point Gala Foundation event…had the best time!! Everytime I hang out with her…I love her more.”

This makes us think Jenny would actually make a great guest on Mob Wives, don’t you think?
[Photo: Getty Images]
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Basketball Wives L.A Episode 3 Sneak Peek: A Little Naive

“Are y’all telling me that I’m being naive?” Malaysia asks Laura and Draya at the outset of episode three of Basketball Wives L.A. regarding the Jackie situation. Malaysia is still trying her best to bring everyone back together with Jackie, and it sounds like a smidge of self-doubt is creeping in.

“No,” Laura tells her, following up with “I think it’s fine that she comes around, just don’t expect friendship!” But with yet another wedding on her horizon, will Jackie invite her new-old friends in an effort to mend things, and will the girls even want to go? Find out this Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Jennifer Williams Sparkles As She Celebrates Her Birthday In New York City

Jennifer Williams Birthday

We’d like to wish Jennifer Williams a happy birthday this week! As always, we’re in awe of her style and ability to rock a minidress as she did when she celebrated last night.

In honor of her big day, Williams and a few friends, including Love And Hip Hop star Mashonda and Breakfast Club host Angela Yee, had dinner at Millesime in New York City and we have a few photos from the festivities below. Add this to our list of Jennifer’s best dressed looks!

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Throwback Thursday Pic: Emily Bustamante’s Baby Pictures Kill Us With Cuteness

Emily Bustamante Throwback Thursday

We’ve got a new feature here on the VH1 Blog in honor of Throwback Thursday, and it involves some of the most retro, often embarrassing, always cute photos of our favorite VH1 stars. This week’s throwback photo is of Love And Hip Hop and Chrissy And Mr. Jones star Emily Bustamante, who posted her baby pictures to Instagram recently and we instantly wanted to squeeze her little marshmallow baby cheeks. (Sorry if that sounds weird, Emily, but you were a cuuute kid.)

[Photo: Instagram]

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Karlie And Benzino Look Cozy, Don’t They?

Karlie Benzino Photo Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

When we spoke to Karlie Redd last month, she told us without question that the relationship she had with Benzino was done, but that the two “talk all the time” and “go back and forth.” She told us “One minute we’re having sex and one minute we’re not.” That must blur the line between friendship and exes, but it looks like they’re managing to be adults about it and get along in public, judging from this photo that was taken at a V 103 radio event this weekend. (For more pics of the cast, including an also-pretty-friendly Mimi and Stevie J, check out

So what do you guys think, should they just get back together, or is that too much drama?


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Watching Couples Therapy Star DMX Google Himself Is Like Watching Your Nana Learn The Internet

VH1 Couples Therapy star DMX learned a lot about himself from his time one that show last season, but one thing he’s never seemed to learn is how to Google himself. The rapper was a guest at Power 105 this week and, as you can see in this hilarious clip above, he has never used a search engine and he really has no idea how to. “I’m my grandmother!” he says when he’s prompted to enter his name into the search bar. Even the name frustrates him. “Computer words are funny,” he says. “Like ‘Google‘…funny words, get a regular word, what the f— is a Google? Who came up with that? Google. That doesn’t even make sense! I don’t have patience for s— like that. ”

Considering that Googling yourself can be a totally unproductive and sometimes depressing use of time, it’s kind of refreshing knowing that X doesn’t even know how to do it. But watching him try is also one of the funniest, cutest things we’ve seen in forever. Why does the cursor go from being an arrow to a hand anyway?
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T.I. Covers Jet Magazine

T.I. On The Cover Of Jet Magazine

We’ve always admired T.I. for legitimate reasons (great dad and husband, amazing musician) and admittedly superficial ones (he’s a good-looking man). So we were excited to see him land the cover of Jet magazine this month for all the reasons above. And not only does Tip grace the cover, but he’s the subject of an in-depth interview that covers everything from his trouble with the law to his bustling acting career, including his stint on Boss. (Our favorite quote of the article may be his Kelsey Grammer geek-out where he explains “Man, Cheers and Frasier were a huge chunk of my life.”).

And then of course, there’s the new image that he’s gained from, yes, being the adorable, doting dad we see on T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. He explains that the show isn’t meant to “coerce the public into believing our image is one way,” he’s just showing off who he’s evolved into. Image or not, all we know is that we love the show and we love who he is no matter what.

Jet is on newsstands now, and T.I. And Tiny airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Read more…

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Rehab With Dr. Drew Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Withdrawal

On the second episode of Rehab With Dr. Drew, new patients are admitted, while the ones who have already begun treatment are in severe withdrawal. The show has been promising us a heavy dose of reality when it comes to the treatment process, and what the patients must endure is no joke. “You don’t ever want to do this on your own,” Dr. Drew tells Ashleigh as she’s coming down from her alcohol dependency, but luckily, in the care of his facility, she and her shaking are able to stay under control. Throughout the course of the episode, however, other patients aren’t doing quite so well. Tune in on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out what happens on episode two of Rehab With Dr. Drew.

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Pic Of The Day: Draya, Yandy And Kimbella Do Their Best Stevie J Rat Face Impression

Draya Yandy Kimbella Stevie J Ratface

This might be one of our favorite all-time photos for many reasons. Not only are Draya, Kimbella, and Yandy Smith hanging out with a couple of friends (we love that they’re all pals in real life!) but they are all making the Stevie J “rat” face. The pic was posted to Yandy’s Twitter account with the caption “Funny…our Stevie J face” and it just about made our day.

[Photo: Twitter]