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Stevie J Has An Answer For Everyone Who Wonders If He’s A Sociopath: Backstage Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Interview

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Backstage With Stevie J

On stage at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion is where all the hilarity and drama unfolded. But backstage is where the cast were surprisingly open when asked the tough questions about their personal lives. While Stevie J waited for the taping to begin he took a few moments with us and was pleasantly sincere. And quite the charmer. He chatted with us about his aspirations to start a sex toy line (which didn’t make it into this interview), side chicks vs. main chicks, Mimi knowing he was like this from jump, and what he has to say for the armchair psychologists that have concluded he’s a sociopath. Right off the bat, Stevie J reiterates who runs the show, proving he is clearly still the driver of the bus.

You said that you add on to what you already have going on and everybody plays by the rules. What if Mimi or Joseline decided to do the stuff that you do? Would you care?

I’m a man, you know what I’m saying? I make the rules and they don’t do what I do, they do what I ask them to do.

So that means they can’t cheat?

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Basketball Wives L.A. Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Time To Mend Some Fences

Basketball Wives L.A. is back! This season will be full of surprises, that’s for sure, but before drama with Jackie can flare up again or new additions to the cast start making things interesting, it’s time to just catch up with the ladies to see where everyone is at. In this sneak peek, we do just that, so take a look and tune in when the season premiere kicks off this Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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And Now, A Very Important Discussion About Karlie Redd’s Butt With K.Michelle

K.Michelle Love And Hip Hop

We’ve had one nagging question all season long for K.Michelle. Since her rivalry with Karlie Redd has been the cause of many fights, arguments, and animated gifs, we’ve wondered “What is her big thing with Karlie’s butt, anyway?” Personally, we can’t see anything wrong with it, but K definitely uses it against Karlie any chance she can. (Well, that and Wikipedia. She loves bringing up Karlie’s Wikipedia page.)

When we were on the set at the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion, we had just a brief moment to chat with the singer and reality star, so we asked her that one question we so desperately needed an answer to. Especially since Karlie denied ever getting any butt surgery at the reunion, stating “My booty is not that big. If I was gonna get my booty done, I was gon’ get a donkadonk.”

Here’s what K.Michelle thinks of all that.

I just have one question that’s lasted basically all season: What is your obsession with Karlie’s “deflated butt cheek”?

It’s not an obsession, it’s actually a distraction.

But where did that come from?

Her butt is actually deflated, she has a fake butt, she got butt shots, and one cheek is deflated. It’s not a lie, it’s not anything I made up, she has a deflated ass cheek. I’m not lying.

Has she addressed or confirmed that?

If you go to her before pictures and after, she’s a liar, she lies about everything. She lies about her age. She put up a Wikipedia page two days ago sayin’ she’s born in 1985 but she’s been friends with Mimi. Mimi don’t lie about her age so if she was born in 1985 that means she was 14 when you knew Mimi. She said she danced with Alvin Ailey, we seen her dance like a chicken. Okay?

Got it. Thank you.

Alright, that’s all the truth.

[Photo: Rowena Husbands/]

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Single Ladies Season Three To Continue Without Show Creator Stacy A. Littlejohn

Stacy A. Littlejohn Departs Single Ladies
Single Ladies has been renewed for a third season, but there will be one change to the set when filming begins: show creator and executive producer Stacy A. Littlejohn will not be returning. Per a Deadline Hollywood report, Littlejohn explains “After two incredible seasons of Single Ladies, I have decided to entrust the show to the safe hands of VH1. Having fostered it from its inception, I’ve found great satisfaction in seeing these characters come to life on the screen, and am proud of what the show has become. But after two all-consuming seasons immersed in its production in the great city of Atlanta, I’ve decided it’s time to shift my focus to my life in Los Angeles and the creation of new projects.”

We here at VH1 wish Littlejohn all the best and can’t wait to tune in to her next project.

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Find Out The Buzz Chat For Tuesday, September 4 From Big Morning Buzz Live

Holiday weekends always make us feel like we miss out on big news, usually because we take a blissful vacation from all things TV and Internet, so luckily we caught up on all the important stuff with Big Morning Buzz Live today. During today’s Buzz Chat, we learned what movies topped the box office this weekend, why Betty White fans have started yet another petition, and why Scientology is in the news yet again today. Watch the clip above and catch up!

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A Day In The Life Of T.I. And Tiny [PHOTOS]

T.I. Tiny Day In The Life VH1 Blog
Mr. And Mrs. Clifford Harris, better known as T.I. and Tiny, were in New York City recently to do a day of press to promote season two of The Family Hustle, and while they went about their business, traveling from talk show to talk show, our photographer Michele Crowe was there to catch the cutest, most stylish moments.

In this day in the life photo feature, we’ve got a ton of amazing shots of the couple, both together and apart, laughing, snuggling, getting made up, and just having fun as they made their rounds from VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live to MTV’s RapFix Live to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. All in a day’s work! Check out all the photos below, and tune in when T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle airs, Mondays at 9 p.m ET/PT. Read more…

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Momma Dee And Erica Shall Rule The Kingdom Of The South, According To Their Reunion Tweets

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Tweet Reunion Momma Dee

Each week during this season of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta, the cast has been taking their live-tweeting during the show very seriously. It’s just one of the reasons we love them so much, they never fail to entertain us simultaneously on our TV screens and our computer screens. This week during part two of the reunion, Erica and Scrappy got engaged, and most of the cast tweets were fittingly all about the Prince of the South finding his Princess. And the Queen overseeing the whole thing, of course.

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The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Interview: Funky Dineva’s Hair Is Laid Like Mona Scott-Young In Her Hey Day

In this final installment of our Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion coverage from our very special correspondent, Funky Dineva, we got a very special interview with the show’s creator and producer, Mona Scott-Young. As always, Mona was honest and didn’t shy away from the tough questions about whether or not Joseline is a man (“No, she is not a man, dammit!”), her thoughts on Stevie J‘s naked TwitPic (“Wow.”) and what she thinks of Momma Dee (“She’s unpredictable. You never know what she’s gonna say or do…Momma Dee’s crazy, we love her.”)

The reunion is all over now, and we let Mona have the last word, but now it’s time for you guys to weigh in and let us know what you thought!

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The Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Interview: A Word Backstage With Momma Dee

Momma Dee Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion
Being a fly on the wall at the Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion was a surreal experience. My fellow VH1 blogger Bene Viera and I attended the show and got to watch a live feed of everything that went down from the green room backstage (a green room that was so cold that we had to huddle under a quilt for warmth), so we got to see the cast wander in if they needed a touch-up on their makeup. We would see friends, family, and entourage members walk through, and for about an hour, we got to hang out with Momma Dee, who found the green room more comfortable than the couches just off-stage while part one of the reunion filmed. So while we all hung out back there (Momma got a quilt of her own), I had to ask her what she thought of the proceedings so far, and before Scrappy surprised us all by pulling out an engagement ring for Erica. Here’s my chat with Momma Dee from backstage at the reunion. Read more…

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See How Far Stevie J’s Empire Reaches With Our Six Degrees of Stevie J Infographic

VH1's Six Degrees of Stevie J Info-GrahpicStevie J is not only the break out star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but he’s also worked with virtually everyone in the music industry. We decided to see how far Stevie’s reach extends by playing “Six Degrees of Stevie J.” We discovered that while Stevie can obviously be linked to some heavy hitters in the music business, he also connects to just about every person who has ever been on VH1 (highlighted in yellow on our infographic), from Flavor Flav to Dustin Diamond. And if you scroll through, you’ll notice he even can be linked to Kevin Bacon.

Click to see the expanded version of “Six Degrees of Stevie J.”

Special thanks to our designer, Gavin Alaoen, (the genius behind the McKayla Is Not Impressed Tumblr) for making this vision a reality and to Johnique Tullis-Brodie, Shara Morris and Liz Black for all their help along the way.