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The New York Post Checks Out Big Ang’s Staten Island Mansion, Full Of Horse Statues And Diamonds

Big Ang At Home

When Big Ang moved into her new house last season on her eponymous TV show, we were a little jealous. The place was huge, it was serene, and it had a hot tub that her friend Sandy promptly fell out of and broke her arm. I mean, now that Sandy’s okay and we can all laugh about that, let’s go back and just focus on the hot tub itself, which we’d love to take a shvitz in any time.

The New York Post just profiled Ang’s gorgeous, 3500-square-foot new palace in their real estate section today and gave us an even closer look at all the treasures that lie within it. Like the black lacquered horse statue in her front hallway that she says she got from a friend who owns a strip club. “All I know is he gave it to me as a zebra, and I made it black and shiny. I took it to the auto-body shop, and they did it like a car. They have nice paint; it comes out even — it’s perfect. It’s my lucky horse.” Leave it to Big Ang to coax a zebra into changing his stripes.

In the profile, Ang also point out some of her favorite belongings, like her “rows and rows of jewels and diamonds,” a wine cooler, and the wax replica of her dog Louie’s birthday cake. We’d honestly expect nothing less from the woman.


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Rehab With Dr. Drew Episode 8: Ashleigh’s Scare

The patients on Rehab With Dr. Drew have already seen a lot of trauma thus far, but when Ashleigh has a seizure in front of all of them, the grim reality of withdrawal hits them all hard. Watch the sneak peek from this week’s episode and see how everyone deals with her health scare, and tune in to the show when it airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Throwback Thursday Pic: Classic Jim Jones And T.I.

Throwback Thursdy T.I. Jim Jones

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the VH1 Blog will be showcasing some of the most retro, often embarrassing, always cute photos of our favorite VH1 stars. This week, we take you back to 2005 when Jim Jones and T.I. were spotted hanging together at the Jordan Classic. Even before they were reality stars, they were hanging out together. Aww.

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Alex McCord Recaps Episode 5 Of Couples Therapy: Like Taking A Baseball Bat To A Hornet’s Nest

Alex McCord Simon van Kempen Recap Couples Therapy

This season on Couples Therapy, there’s a lot of drama in the house thanks to the incredibly diverse and occasionally divisive personalities that have been cast. One couple, reality veterans Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord, have offered to review and recap each episode of the season to tell us the truth about the way things really were and what they think of the therapy process. Today, Alex reveals exactly what it’s like to watch yourself get therapy on TV and why it’s unsettling but constructive all at once.

Buckle your seat belts, people — this ride is getting bumpier by the second.I warn you I’ll talk mostly about Simon and myself this week, but it’s the situation I’m closest to, so here goes. And Simon’s thoughts are on his blog here. Read more…

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Watch Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. New York, Host DTLA After Dark

If you haven’t heard of DTLA yet, consider this your introduction. The brand new series debuted on Logo last night, and among its stars are Celebrity Rehab alum Jeremy Jackson, and I Love New York star Tiffany Pollard. Pollard is also hosting an online post-show called DTLA After Dark and we’ve got it right here, so catch up with New York and the very sexy cast of DTLA, which airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Logo.
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Couples Therapy Star Simon van Kempen Clears Up Those Gay Rumors With A Simple “I Don’t Like D—k”

Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord dealt with a lot of media scrutiny during their time on The Real Housewives Of New York, and one annoying rumor that persisted throughout their stint on the show was that Simon was actually gay. Now that they’ve shown up on VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, we were wondering if those rumors played a part in why they chose to seek relationship counseling. Not at all, in fact.

In the clip above, Alex explains that if Simon were gay, he’d be out and they wouldn’t stay married, at which point Simon shoots down the rumors by simply explaining “I don’t like d—!”

Fair enough. That should put that old rumor to bed then. Watch the pair every Wednesday when Couples Therapy airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
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Dr. Jenn Berman On Couples Therapy Episode 5: Nobody Says No To Courtney Stodden

Dr Jenn Berman Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy seeks to repair the relationships of couples who have spent significant time in the spotlight, and season two is going to bring the drama in ways that season one never dreamed. Dr. Jenn Berman will be speaking to us each week to help us make sense of the couples’ issues and shed light on why they need her help. This week we discuss Too Short and Monica’s power struggle, Nik’s loneliness and why it upsets Shayne, and implementing a dress code for Courtney.

So I was really happy to finally get into Too Short and Monica‘s story this week. But what confused me the most about them was that he was delivering mixed messages the whole time. At first he told her not to count on him to be there and he wasn’t selling her any little girl dreams, but when he spoke to you in private he was much more vulnerable and talked about being Todd who was trying to live in Too Short’s world and that he did want this settled-down life.

I think that Todd experiences much of the same confusion that you do! There’s a part of Todd that really wants the white picket fence and the kids and that life, but he lives a life that is not conducive to that at all. And at the same time, as you’ll see as the season progresses, there are things that Todd has been through that did not leave him emotionally prepared to be a great boyfriend or spouse. It’s not just the Too Short thing, it’s the family of origin thing. Read more…

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Blog Exclusive: Alex McCord And Simon van Kempen Discuss Meeting The Couples Therapy Cast, Including “Floozie And The Geriatric”

Well, ouch. When we first met Couples Therapy stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen, we wanted to know their first impressions of everyone they lived with in the house. Things started off diplomatically enough, until it came time to discuss Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, whom Simon refers to as “floozie and the geriatric.” You might wonder why the hostility toward the couple, and Alex explains that where the rest of the cast was really invested in the therapy on the show, “for 98% of the shoot, they didn’t take it seriously.” And as for Alex’s first impressions of Doug and Courtney, she says that she had “never heard of them or seen them before” in her life, but that “my first reaction was that I thought a clown had walked in, and then I realized that this was a real person who seemed to take herself seriously, if nothing else.”

Watch the clip and see what Alex and Simon have to say about the rest of the cast as well — it’s safe to say things were pretty harmonious with everyone else. In the clip below, watch the couple as they discuss why they decided to do the show and go into therapy on television.

Couples Therapy airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
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VH1 To Count Down The 100 Greatest Kid Stars In November

100 Greatest Kid Stars
In some cases, child stars are the actors whose roles you recall, but whose names you can’t for the life of your remember. The cute little girl from Mrs. Doubtfire! The other kids from Home Improvement who weren’t Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Those kids. And then there are the child stars who grew up to be incredibly well-respected adult actors, like Michelle Williams, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anna Paquin. (And then there are some that you remember but feel kind of sad for and we won’t get into that just yet.) VH1 is going to be counting down all the best, most memorable kids whose roles were unforgettable and in some cases, who are still going strong after all these years, so join us for 100 Greatest Kid Stars when it premieres November 29th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The countdown will last for four nights, so that’s a lot of nostalgia to brush up on.

VH1 Counts Down The “100 Greatest KID STARS”

4-Night Special Premieres Thursday, November 29 at 9PM* on VH1

VH1 Personality Catherine Reitman To Host

NEW YORK, NY, October 24, 2012 – VH1 is taking a look back at some of the biggest stars in Hollywood before they became the famous household names they are today. They were the kids and teens who lit up TV, music and movies over the past 20 years and now prepare for an onslaught of ’90s/’00s nostalgia as VH1 counts down the “100 Greatest Kid Stars.” Hosted by Catherine Reitman, the 4-night special VH1’s “100 Greatest Kid Stars” premieres Thursday, November 29th at 9PM* and runs until Sunday, December 2nd. Read more…