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Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Reveals Her Meatball Secrets (VIDEO)

The 12 year-old boy in all of us can’t help but generate a million puns when talking about “balls,” and yes, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano goes there while demonstrating her Grandma’s meatball recipe for My Food Thing on But mostly, she gets down to business with her sisters Jennifer and Lana, and nephew John, to make a meatball worthy of Sunday dinner status in the Graziano household.

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Check Out An Exclusive Photo From T.I. And Tiny’s Cosby Show-Inspired Photo Shoot For InTouch Weekly

InTouch Weekly T.I. Tiny Harris Huxtables

InTouch Weekly picked up on the fact that T.I., Tiny, and the rest of their family are basically a modern-day Cosby Show, and their awesome new cover article about T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle reflects that. In the shot, seen below, Tip and Co. pose in a Huxtable-inspired shot that complete with Cosby sweater. (Wait, it just dawned on us that Dr. Huxtable was named Cliff and T.I.’s real name is Clifford…FATE!)

You’ll have to check out the magazine, which is on newsstands now, to read the full interview with the family, but as a bonus feature for Family Hustle fans, InTouch gave us the exclusive photo above for an extra glimpse at them in their element.
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Throwback Thursday Pic: A Rehab Star Goes Retro

Jennifer Gimenez Retro Photo
We’ve got a new feature here on the VH1 Blog in honor of Throwback Thursday, and it involves some of the most retro, often embarrassing, always cute photos of our favorite VH1 stars. This week’s throwback photo comes from Rehab With Dr. Drew star Jennifer Gimenez, who proves she’s always been photogenic. We can’t look away from her adorableness. After the jump, take a look at a larger version of the cuteness.

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VH1 Announces Its Latest Docu-Series Marrying The Game Will Premiere November 19th

Marrying The Game

The old saying about how you should “love the player but hate the game” doesn’t apply to Tiffney Cambridge, because she might be the one woman out there who can admit that more than anything, she loves The Game. That’s because she’s about to walk down the aisle with her fiance Jayceon Taylor, who’s actually better known as the rapper The Game. In VH1’s latest docu-series, we follow Tiffney and The Game as they balance their differences (she’s a school teacher, he’s in the studio till all hours of the night), their family, and their upcoming wedding. Marrying The Game premieres November 19th at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. Read more about the series and see photos of the couple below.


NEW YORK, NY- October 11, 2012– VH1 delves into the unlikely love story of double platinum selling rapper Jayceon Taylor better known as “The Game,” and his straight-laced school teacher fiancé Tiffney Cambridge as they prepare to walk down the aisle in “Marrying The Game,” premiering on Monday, November 19that 9:30 PM*.

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Simon van Kempen Recaps Episode 2 Of Couples Therapy: The Dynamic Shifts Away From Courtney And Doug

Simon van Kempen Alex McCord Couples Therapy
This season on Couples Therapy, there’s a lot of drama in the house thanks to the incredibly diverse and occasionally divisive personalities that have been cast. One couple, reality veterans Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord, have offered to review and recap each episode of the season to tell us the truth about the way things really were and what they think of the therapy process. This week, Simon weighs in.

As one of those guys (or as Alex called me last night, “a piece of granite”), I approached Couples Therapy with an unhealthy dose of cynicism. At 48 years of age, I like to think I can solve my own problems as I sit for hours weighing up the pros and cons of various life decisions. However, while I still think that’s OK for me in isolation; the work Alex and I did together with Dr. Jenn was incredibly useful to us both and as important, to me. If you’re interested in Alex’s thoughts on this episode they are here.

In the darkest moments group session, I sat there pretty uncomfortably and largely in silence as Alex showed real pain over her recollection of when she had shouted at me wanting a divorce earlier this year. What compounded my reaction while on the couch was that until she had brought it up at the CT house, I had actually forgotten she’d said that. Perhaps it’s my own sense of denial that I just blocked it from my memory. #Lesson1 Read more…

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How Do You Know Couples Therapy Stars Nik Richie And Shayne Lamas?

Shayne Lamas Nik Richie

Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie earned their reputation as “the impulsive couple” on Couples Therapy because of their whirlwind wedding, which took place eight hours after they met in Las Vegas. Now that you’ve gotten to know them on VH1 though, you might be wondering where you’ve seen these two before, and we’ve got some answers.

Shayne has had an illustrious career on her own, but it’s no secret that she hails from Hollywood royalty. Her grandfather is Argentine actor Fernando Lamas and her father is the still-super-sexy actor Lorenzo Lamas. Shayne appeared with her dad on his reality show Leave It To Lamas, which aired on E! in 2009, and prior to that, she was a regular on General Hospital. But it may be her stint on The Bachelor that she’s most famous for. Shayne won the twelfth season of the series in 2008 and was briefly engaged to Matt Grant as a result, though the relationship ended after a few short months. She married Nik in 2010. Nik is best known for the website, which he describes as the world’s first ever reality blog all about gossip and satire. Richie has a devoted following and millions of readers. Below, we have a gallery of some of their cutest moments from the past two years, as well as some bonus shots of Shayne with her family through the years.

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The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moment of Couples Therapy Episode 2

Couples Therapy - Shayne Lamas

This season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode! Read more…

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Dr. Jenn Tells Us The Dirt On Couples Therapy Episode 2: The Dark Moments

Dr. Jenn Berman Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy seeks to repair the relationships of couples who have spent significant time in the spotlight, and season two is going to bring the drama in ways that season one never dreamed. Dr. Jenn Berman will be speaking to us each week to help us make sense of the couples’ issues and shed light on why they need her help. Tonight, four of the couples reveal their darkest moments that led them to therapy, and we meet a new couple, Too Short and Monica, who have just arrived in the house.

This episode started with everyone’s darker moments, but what I wanted to ask you about was JoJo, who actually denied having a darkest moment. That was the one thing in this session that stood out the most.

Absolutely, that’s a great observation and what you picked up on was very much how JoJo operates in his relationship, and that is from a place of denial. I know it’s almost a cliche, but the hallmark of alcoholism is denial and I think that was a great example of exactly that. I thought it was so brave how Tiny stepped up and said “Well, actually, here’s the deal, here’s the darkest moment, it’s this pattern of addiction and this one specific incident where I picked him up from the hospital and he wanted to go get alcohol.” Read more…

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Hulk Hogan Tells Big Morning Buzz Live That The Release Of His Sex Tape Has Turned His Whole World Upside Down

Hulk Hogan has had a trying few days since a clip of a sex tape he made was leaked online. The former star of Hogan Knows Best was visiting VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live this morning when host Carrie Keagan asked about some of the rumors surrounding the tape, the first one being that his bestie, Bubba The Love Sponge, actually taped the video. “I don’t believe it,” Hulk says. “At the end of the day, in my heart, if this is true, which, I don’t believe it’s true, and if it’s true he was never my friend.”

Hogan says that the tape’s release has turned his whole world upside down but since he himself hasn’t seen the tape in its entirety, he’s not sure what’s real and what to believe. And as for how Hogan’s family is reacting to the tape, he says “This has totally flipped my world up. Thank God my kids are older, Nick and Brooke, and they say ‘Dad, we love you, we know who you are.’ I’m not the same crazy guy I was twenty-five or thirty years ago or ten years ago, even. Thank God my new wife, Jennifer, knows who I really am. I could have lost my family, and, I don’t want to talk business, but there are things business-wise I’m having problems with because of this ridiculous craziness.” Watch the clip of the Hulk discussing his woes above.
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Stacey Dash Has Nothing But Love For Mitt Romney…But How Do The Other Single Ladies Feel About The Election?

Stacey Dash Vote For Romney

This week on Twitter, former Single Ladies star Stacey Dash set off a bit of a firestorm when she tweeted “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” The photo above of Stacey in a bathing suit sandwiched between an American flag and a…rocket?…accompanied the tweet, and earned her a heavy dose of criticism for her support of the Republican candidate.

Never fear, though, Single Ladies fans, because if her politics don’t vibe with yours, there are other cast members whose views you might be able to digest a little more easily. Stars Denise Vasi, DB Woodside, and LisaRaye McCoy have recently tweeted their support of President Obama to even things out. We have all their endorsements in our gallery below. Was Stacey unfairly criticized for her conservative views, considering how no one is upset at the Obama endorsements? Or should show biz and politics remain mutually exclusive? It’s an interesting conversation, maybe we should arrange a debate between the former co-stars to hash it out. (Just as long an everyone leaves Big Bird out of it.)

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