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The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Episode 6

The Top 5 Most Dramatic Moments of Couples Therapy Ep 7

This season on Couples Therapy, Dr. Jenn Berman helps the entertainment industry’s most infamous couples break through the drama associated with living in the public sphere. Together, they examine the complicated dynamics that relationships face, while working together, as a group, to learn from one another and leave with the tools needed for long term success. Any group therapy scenario is prone to drama, but even more so when celebrities are involved. Check out the five most dramatic moments of this week’s episode! Read more…

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Pic Of The Day: One Hot Night With Jackie And Tami

Jackie Christie Tami Roman

For those of you who are curious as to whether or not the ladies of Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives L.A. ever commingle, here’s your answer! We spotted this photo of Tami Roman and Jackie Christie on Twitter this morning, and first, let us just say how gorgeous both ladies look, but also, it’s awesome to see the ladies supporting each other off-screen. After the jump, check out the mutual admiration tweets between the ladies.
[Photo: Twitter]
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Hurricanes And Horns: One VH1 Blogger’s Sandy Tale

Because this is the VH1 Blog and I am not a VH1 star, I almost never write about me here. However, I live in New York City and endured the scary, destructive force of nature that was Hurricane Sandy this weekend and thought I’d share my story which started off as maybe one of the scariest moments of my life, and ended with one of the funniest. (Sandy is obviously not funny to the vast majority of those who endured it, at the end of this post, check here for a couple ways you can help or donate to relief efforts.) Read more…

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Throwback Thursday Pic: Doug Hutchison Was A Theatrical Teen

Throwback Thursday Doug Hutchison

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the VH1 Blog will be showcasing some of the most retro, often embarrassing, always cute photos of our favorite VH1 stars. This week, Twitter user @ChelsieTwinkles sent us a heads up to these amazing old photos of Couples Therapy star Doug Hutchison at age 17, back when he was just getting his footing in the theater world. Note: These photos were taken when Courtney Stodden was negative thirty five years old. Check out one more especially emotive shot of Doug after the jump.

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Mama Jones’ World – Episode 6 – Picnic In The Living Room

If you’ve run out of ideas for how to keep things romantic and spicy with your man, Mama Jones is here to help. In this week’s episode of Mama Jones’ World, everyone’s favorite mom has a suggestion for how to treat that special someone in your life to a night he’ll never forget. Have a picnic in your living room. All you need to do is clear out all the furniture, remove your carpet, lay down some Astroturf, bring in a few potted trees, and booyah, instant nature.

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