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Dr. Jenn Berman On Couples Therapy Episode 8: Some Things Are Very Hard To Understand

Dr. Jenn Berman Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy seeks to repair the relationships of couples who have spent significant time in the spotlight, and season two is going to bring the drama in ways that season one never dreamed. Dr. Jenn Berman will be speaking to us each week to help us make sense of the couples’ issues and shed light on why they need her help. During episode eight, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison returned from their brief exile, only to be confronted with more hostility from the group, and Courtney’s mom, Krista, drops in to help us understand how Courtney became they woman she is today, and now Dr. Jenn fills us in on what she thinks of it all.

I love watching this show because it never fails to surprise me.

What surprised you most about this one?

The fact that, even though it was courageous, as you said last week, for Doug and Courtney to come back into the “lion’s den,” they didn’t take very much responsibility for their actions. They opened up and Courtney poured her heart out a little bit about how hurt she felt about some things, but then they refused to accept their part in anything. Will they ever become self-aware enough to take that responsibility?

I don’t want to give too much away, so what I can say is that everybody gets to self-awareness and personal responsibility at different rates, and not everyone arrived at the house with that. And not everyone leaves with that, necessarily. As you’ve seen, each of the other four couples has evolved over the course of the season and has been willing to take more personal responsibility in different areas, and for Doug and Courtney, that’s an evolution as well. As it is for most people. Read more…

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Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 11 Sneak Peek: Body Piercings And Smelling Salts

We’ve see Jackie get a pride tattoo, and now in the sneak peek from Monday’s Basketball Wives L.A., we’re going to get a whole lot more painful body art action as Brooke, Draya, and Gloria head out for a fun girls’ day of body piercing. I’m not sure what’s more painful, the girls getting pierced, or watching it happen.

Basketball Wives L.A. airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.
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Exclusive: Drita D’Avanzo Tells Us About Her Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser And How The Storm Changed Mob Wives

Drita D'Avanzo Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

Drita D’Avanzo gets emotional when she talks about Hurricane Sandy, which hit Staten Island over two weeks ago with such force that it left countless neighbors homeless, without power, and without any of their personal possessions. She simultaneously gets teary and angry thinking about what they’ve lost, and how important it is to get them the help and money they need to recover, which is why she organized a fundraiser that’s happening this Thursday night at 7 p.m. ET in New York City to benefit victims of the storm. (For information and to find out what you need to do to attend, click here.)

I spoke to Drita today about how close she came to losing her own home and what she’s been doing to help those less fortunate than herself. Those rumors about how she and a Mob Wives camera crew “crashed” a volunteer effort to donate supplies to victims is patently false, she says. “I was NOT happy,” to read that, she tells us. “I see this write-up: ‘Drita goes to a spot where everybody ran from her and they were mad she had cameras,’ that was absolutely not the case.” And as devastating as the storm was, it actually had one beneficial outcome — she and her cast-mates have put all their differences aside, she says, because there are bigger things than their drama and better ways to use their time than squabbling. See what Drita’s got to say about everything in our conversation below. Read more…

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Filming Has Begun On Basketball Wives Season Five!

Basketball Wives Season 5 Filming Begins

We know how much you guys miss your original Miami Basketball Wives cast, and we’re excited to announce that filming has begun on the fifth season of the series. Though we don’t have a complete cast announcement, you can see from some tweets between Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman, and Shaunie O’Neal that they’ve all begun work this week. Evelyn also posted a photo of herself heading out for the first day of filming, check it all out after the jump!
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Couples Therapy Episode 8 Sneak Peek: Doug And Courtney Head Back Into The Lion’s Den

Courtney and Doug decided to return to Couples Therapy and this week, as Doug puts it, they head “back into the lion’s den.” Upon their return, Courtney tries to tell the rest of he cast that she has a kind heart that’s been hurt by them, she and Doug also refuse to take responsibility for their actions which sets everyone off…again.

Tune in to Couples Therapy this Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT to see if these two will ever be accepted or if they’ll stay on the outskirts of the group.

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“If You Talk To My Child I Will Cut Your Hand Off”: Laura’s Conversation With Chantel Sets Off A Twitter Firestorm During Basketball Wives L.A.

Chantel Laura Govan Basketball Wives L.A.
Every week, we follow the Twitter movement of the cast of Basketball Wives L.A. carefully, knowing that they usually live-tweet during the show. While many of the ladies were silent this week, the ones who were tweeting had a lot to say about Laura’s seemingly malicious conversation with Jackie‘s daughter, Chantel Christie. Laura, Jackie, Draya, and Chantel herself weighed in to discuss the matter, and even though Chantel admits she contacted Laura, she was in a bad place and regrets the whole thing. Check out what they’re chattering about below.

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Watch Gloria Govan In Action On The Premiere Of Her Web Series “Clean Ops: The Chronicles Of V”

Last night on Basketball Wives L.A. we got a glimpse of Gloria Govan in action (literally), as she filmed her web series “Clean Ops: The Chronicles Of V.” And today, the first episode in the series has premiered on the The Comedy Shaq YouTube channel. The series description explains that her character, V, “is a classical ballerina by day and a contracted hit woman by night. Very little is known about V’s past. Where she came from, how the school found her or how long she’s been there. The only thing you need to be concerned with is becoming V’s next target.” In the episode, Gloria is sent to eliminate her first target, and she manages to kick some ass while also getting her own ass kicked just a little bit. Don’t worry though, she still looks hot even while she’s slitting throats.
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Chrissy And Mr. Jones – Season Finale – New Age Fairytale

Jim has an elaborate date night planned with the hopes of getting Chrissy to move back home. There’s only one small hiccup: He’s not planning anything, and leaving his poor assistant Tina to do all the leg work. Jim is picky about what he wants. The yacht only docks at 79th Street, but Jim isn’t getting off on 79th. Tina wants to talk him out of taking the train with Chrissy. “You know the rats. It’s dirty,” Tina says. But it’s about the adventure. “You get one swipe then I can slide in behind her.” A little touch and feel, eh? Because that’s what’s important. Read more…

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Mama Jones’ World – Episode 8 – Sass Pool With Momma Dee

In our final installment of Mama Jones’ World (noooo!), Mama Jones brings out her good pal, the one and only Momma Dee, Queen of the South, to her “sass pool.” Of course they discuss their sons “that came outta our pum pum,” their future daughters-in-law, and the way they keep themselves satisfied when they don’t have men around. I think they call it a dildor? Did we mention these ladies have no filter? Check it.

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