Love And Hip Hop Premiere Party: Check Out Our Photo Gallery And Exclusive Interviews With Yandy, Tahiry And Winter


Lve And Hip Hop Season Three Premiere

Newcomer Winter Ramos wants season three of Love And Hip Hop to show the ladies getting money. “I’m hoping this season shows more of our hustle, more of the women in New York working and grinding and not necessarily beefing about this guy and that guy.” To celebrate the upcoming premiere the cast and over 400 guests gathered at NYC’s Kiss And Fly for a private screening and party. Libations were flowing and a good time was indeed had. There’s a new crop this season who are ready to turn NYC up!

Yandy Smith, Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose, Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, Consequence, Jen the Pen, Raqi Thunda, Lore’l, Winter Ramos and Rashidah Ali were all in attendance. Olivia missed the festivities due to being in Italy, but Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives made an appearance. We had one-on-one girl talk with Tahiry, Yandy and Winter. Our highlights of the tea the ladies spilled are below. And because we know you’re dying to know what everyone wore, check out the photo gallery. Love And Hip Hop premieres Monday, January 7 at 8PM ET/PT.


On whether she’s still in love with Joe: “I love Joe as a person, as an individual. There’s no way shape or form that anybody can be with somebody for such a long time, especially in their most important parts of their lives, or stages of lives that you go through that you know, you don’t have certain people that become permanent fixtures in your life. Do I want to be with him? No.”

What she has to say to people who will think she still wants Joe: “For those people who see the first episode and think I still want Joe, if I did, it’s easy.”


On if she thinks the show is good for her and Mendeecees’ relationship: “Yeah. It’s a check that’s going in his pocket, it’s a check that’s going in my pocket, so it’s great for our relationship.”

On her relationship with Jim Jones and Chrissy: “I don’t have one. We went our separate ways. I’m super happy. Do you know the day that I quit I got pregnant that week, and we had been trying for a long time to have a baby? I never saw Jim as my end-all be-all because I was doing so many other things, but he was definitely a high priority…catering to his drama and fixing and doing damage control took up a lot of my time. It’s really good to sleep at night and have my phones on vibrate.”

Thoughts on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: “I thought it was hilarious. I was entertained. I’m entertained by every single character on that show. I don’t think there’s any comparison, I think we’re very different. I can’t look at anyone on that show and compare myself to them.”

Is that shade, Yandy?

“Absolutely not. I love down Rasheeda, I love down Ariane, I love down Mimi, I love down Joseline.”


On her expectations for the show: “I want it to be more geared to what we do as women and not who we sleep with.”

On life after resigning as Fabolous’s assistant: “I was Fab’s assistant for three years and I couldn’t see my life without working for him. Then when you stop you’re like, s—, there was a whole ‘nother world out here that I was missing because I’m so busy catering to him.”

On Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: “I love Joseline! I watch it because I think it’s a soap opera.”

Final words: “Love And Hip Hop is not about sleeping with hip-hop artists. Love and Hip Hop is — we can work in this music industry and love hip-hop as women and be in love with it just as much as if you’re in love with an artist who’s involved in it. As women, we get money too.”

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[Photos: Getty Images/135th St. Agency]

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