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Making Mr. Right

Welcome to Making Mr. Right. The show where three matchmakers mold an eager group of men into the perfect guy…for them. Yup, you guessed it, the women aren’t really matchmakers, but just tired of waiting until it’s too late to find out the dirty truth about the men they date. Every woman on the planet (and probably most men) have at least thought about snooping whether via social media or IRL to find out if their partner is hiding something. Typically this behavior would be a major red flag for any guy, but this is reality television so instead of giving the ladies a gentle warning, we not only encourage, but are thrilled with any and all spying, snooping, and sneaky behavior. First we meet the ladies.

Making Mr. Right - Rachel

Rachel is a thirty year old construction worker from Boston, MA. She is easily the hottest construction worker that has ever lived. Guys tend to be intimidated not only by her job, but also because she rides a motorcycle. She calls herself the “queen of first dates” because she goes on so many of them, maybe its because she is “wishing she could change a guy constantly.” But as she’s gotten older she has more of a “yearning to settle down” so hopes to find her perfect match in one of the men in the house.

Making Mr. Right - Brittany

Next, we meet Brittany. She is twenty-eight years old and lives in San Diego, CA. She owns a company called “Royal Entertainers” that provides princesses for children’s parties. Also, she has a daughter, Presley, from her first marriage that ended two years ago. The stakes have been upped. She’s dating not only for herself, but also for her daughter. She is looking for a man to marry and relishes at the opportunity to build the perfect guy from scratch.

Making Mr. Right - Lindsay

And finally, we meet the youngest of the “matchmakers,” Lindsay. She is twenty-five years old and lives in Los Angeles, CA. She’s worked as a tour manager for bands for the past seven years and hopes to have children by age thirty. She watches a lot of romantic comedies and “loves the idea of someone meant for me.” She feels being in the house is her perfect opportunity to live a real-life a romantic comedy.

Making Mr. Right - April Beyer

After we get to know the girls a bit, we meet the only real matchmaker on the show, April Beyer. April has actually been a professional matchmaker for over fifteen years and is excited to participate in the “grandest dating social experiment in history.” She explains that fourteen men will be moving into the house and the ladies have eight weeks to not only keep up the charade of being matchmakers themselves, but to mold them men into “the perfect man.” She leads them into a secret room whose walls are covered in television screens connected to spy cameras located throughout the house and let’s the girls know that the guys have no idea they are being watched to this extent. This is a double edged sword because the girls cannot use, or even mention, any information they gain from the spy wall in conversation with the guys. April gives them a crash course in matchmaking, telling them to ask the questions that would be totally unacceptable to ask on a first date to learn about them. Brittany, who is a self-admitted snooper, is dizzy with power.

Making Mr. Right - Murphy

Once the women are ready to lie their little hearts out, the men start arriving. Murphy, the “shy hunk” is first to arrive; he has trouble approaching girls even though he is literally a calendar model. Brian, a lead singer in a metal band compares his hair to “John Stamos‘ hair at it’s peak.” Amir has style, but not the kind of style any of the women are interested in, but he does mani/pedis for a living so maybe that will change their minds. Chris is a late bloomer and admits he lost his virginity five years ago when he was 27. Matthew is a single dad from Georgia looking for “someone to fall in love with.” Teddy needs a haircut, James is a cowboy, Ryan is a frat boy and Daniel is insecure and extremely excited to be here, “my energy is through the roof, you have no idea how hard I’m trying to control myself right now.”

Making Mr. Right - The guys meet the "matchmakers"

The guys mingle in the house, not realizing what lies ahead, as the girls force down the butterflies in their stomachs. It’s finally time for the two groups to meet. The first official task of the “matchmakers” is to go through the guys’ bags, trashing all the unattractive items.

Making Mr. Right - Checking Bags

Lindsay expects to find tons of condoms, which they do, but that’s hardly the worst of it. Amir has two framed photographs of his cat, Jazzy.

Making Mr. Right - Amir and Jazzy

Cowboy James have underwear that look like a moth went to town on them. He quips “I’ve gotten laid in those boxers more than any other, well not in them I took them off first” when the women tell him they are disgusting. Several books are found in the luggage, “The Game” (which was the inspiration for vintage VH1 series The Pick Up Artist,) “A-Holes Finish First” and surprisingly, single-dad Matthew has a book of algorithms because he’s finishing up a degree in mathematics which made him seem extremely adorable.

Making Mr. Right - Books Found in Bags

That is, until they pulled out his skele-toed shoes which made all of the women, and this blogger, throw up a bit in their mouths.

Making Mr. Right - Toe Shoes

The ladies retire back to spy headquarters and Rachel admits she was “turned off by almost every single one of them, like big time.” Brittany thinks “Murphy is by far the most attractive,” and hopes to get over it for long enough to get to see his personality. They all agree, once again, Teddy needs a haircut.

Making Mr. Right - Spying on Murphy

The following day, April informs everyone the men will be speed dating so the “matchmakers” can find out the kind of daters they are. The twist is that the female daters have earpieces in and the “matchmakers” are directing their behavior and questions.

Making Mr. Right - Speed Dating

Lamarr asks a woman who works as a dancer if she would consider working out more when her dancing career ends and admits he told an ex she needed to lose 15 pounds. Red flag, Lamarr.

Making Mr. Right - Lamarr Speed Dating

Matthew’s speed date asks if he would be willing to relocate to LA, he says he would consider it (even though he has a son living in Georgia,) but eventually does share that he has a son. Dan AKA Mr. Insecure admits “I’ve never speed dated in my life. Unless you count the times I’ve gone on dates and girls have got up and left.” Then he performs some magic tricks for his date. Oh Dan, when will you learn?

Making Mr. Right - Dan's Magic Tricks

Brittany’s crush, Murphy, shares he is into “short women from 5’1″ to 5’5″” and Brittany does a happy dance behind closed doors because she is within his ideal range.

Making Mr. Right - Brittany

He also shares that he lived with one of his ex-girlfriends, and Brittany announces “I don’t live with guys before I’m married.” Slow down, Brittany.

Making Mr. Right - Muprhy

The episode ends with each guy’s confessional video reaction to the first day in the house. Teddy fears he’s going to be forced to cut his hair, which shows that, if nothing else, he is pretty self-aware.

Making Mr. Right - Teddy's Hair Awareness

Niko’s ideal woman “is brains.” Most of the guys admit they are attracted to the matchmakers and that they truly trust them, which will make for some interesting confessions later on. Matthew’s ideal woman looks like Lindsay. Ryan thinks that “Rachel is good looking,” which piques her interest and she admits she is “excited, but nervous.” And Brittany’s prayers have been answered as Murphy already has a crush on her!

Making Mr. Right - Murphy Admits He's Crushing On Brittany

The ladies start to feel guilty and question how they are going to keep their cool throughout the remaining eight weeks.

Making Mr. Right - April Beyer

We cannot wait to see how this plays out! What do you think of the show so far? What would you give for the opportunity to mold your partner into your perfect match? Do you think the girls will blow their cover? Who do you think is hottest in the house? Let us know in the comments!

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