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This season, the VH1 Blog is lucky enough to have the participation of the Mob Wives cast who will be commenting on every episode of the show. This week, we’re excited to have newcomer Love Majewski here to give us her thoughts on the premiere episode, complete with a list of show superlatives, whether they’re her favorite outfits of the week, the funniest quotes, or (in)sincerest moments. And now, Love’s thoughts on episode one.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Favorite outfits of the episode:
Renee: In jeans with the tropical shirt at Big Ang’s house. Renee should wear jeans more often it really shows off her figure.

Big Ang: I love the leather shirt she wears in her interview and the way her hair had the pink/red on the bottom.

Drita: The “Boho Chic” outfit she wears at Puglia on the Water – the white tank and the turquoise gypsy skirt with matching necklace (loved it).

Ramona: the black shirt with the silver trim when she takes her girls to the drag races

Karen‘s one armed shirt at the Drunken Monkey. She has great shoulders and arms she should show them off more!

Best over all hair: That goes to Karen at the Drunken Monkey — the lighter hair is so flattering to her face and complexion. (I also loved my hair that night my thanks to @AshleyCosenza, the greatest hairdresser ever.)

Best “Crazy Eyes”: It’s a tie, folks: Renee’s face when I entered the Drunken Monkey -vs- Drita’s OMFG she did not just pick up a knife eyes.

Best catchphrase in the episode: Renee sweeps this category by taking all top three:
3. “Today’s D-day. Dumb bitch day.”
2.”You’re the go-to girl.”
1. “She’s a sewer whoa.”

Most sincere moments:

1. Renee discussing her addiction to pills and explaining how it happened after her surgery really drives home how it could happen to anyone at any time.

2. Ramona’s daughter saying “So we may have to share a room — at least we’ll all be together.”

3. Karen saying she’s close withe Renee and her family, but she’s close with me and she doesn’t want us to fight. Shows what a caring friend she is to both of us, and what a good person she is.

4. Renee saying the only reason Junior would stick up for me is not because hes a gentleman but rather because he probably wanted to eff me. (Sad but probably true.)

Most insincere moment: Carla saying she feels bad for Renee. If you’re genuinely concerned about a person’s illness you don’t laugh about it and call them names.

Most confusing statement: When Renee asks Carla why she was following her friend’s man around and going off alone with him to “talk,” Carla responds by saying “Well, you’re a junkie.” Once again, Renee makes a very lucid observation and says “Why does my addiction bother you so much?” We’re still left scratching our heads with no answers. And although Carla denies being known for dating several married men, a moment later she says something like “Oh come on Renee, like you didn’t date married men too?”

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