Tahiry Jose Talks To The Breakfast Club, Says She Will Never Get Back With Joe Budden And Reveals Her True Feelings About Raqi Thunda


Last night on Love And Hip Hop, those of you who weren’t already familiar with Tahiry Jose met the model and actress who is also the ex-girlfriend of Joe Budden. Tahiry made a splash when she proved herself to have a fiery temper at times when it comes to all things Joe, and her relationship with fellow cast member Raqi Thunda proved to be a feisty one, too. Today, Tahiry showed up on The Breakfast Club to discuss her feelings about those two, starting with Raqi, who she believes might have had romantic feelings for Joe while he and Tahiry were together. “We were cool,” Tahiry says of her relationship with Raqi back in the day, though she stops short of calling it a friendship. However, she explains “You ain’t gonna be kickin’ it or smiling in my face or be sitting on my couch and then you’re like, you know…either trying to bang or just trying to ride that, you know…there’s just certain things you don’t do.” Tahiry also doesn’t believe for a second that Joe and Raqi were not intimate.

And while it seems like Tahiry is hung up on Joe because she’s still got strong opinions about this particular situation, she wants people to know “I’m not into Joe Budden. At all,” she says. “I could never get back with Joe…I don’t believe Joe could change.” Watch the whole video above to see more with Tahiry, and check out the Breakfast Club interview with Joe Budden, too, right here.

Tahiry Jose On Power 105
[Photo: Instagram]

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