Love And Hip Hop – Episode 2 – Addicted


After her fight with Raqi Thunda last week, Tahiry knew Rashidah would give her the real so she stopped by her apartment to vent.

“Raqi Thunder? I call her IP.” “IP for what, Rashidah?” Tahiry asks. “Industry p—y.” Well, good afternoon. Way to start off a conversation.

Rashidah doesn’t think Tahiry should’ve even been at Joe’s pool party, let alone throwing drinks over him. “Do you think you dumbed down a little bit for him?” Tahiry thinks it was a case of her being in love, and puts the blame on her ex. “Something’s not right with Joe,” she said. Tahiry thinks there may be other issues at play and feels responsible enough to make sure everything is okay with him.

Jen the Pen is a radio personality, girlfriend of rapper Consequence and mother of their son. Consequence thinks he’s arguably one of the best ghostwriters in the business. Winter, Fabolous‘s former assistant, comes to Consequence’s rehearsal to catch up with Jen.

According to her, she’s been in the industry a long time having “dated these guys, I’ve slept with them, worked for them, I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife, I even know the side chick.” Wow. Jen’s bored being a stay-at-home mom and what’s to get back to “talking s—” on the radio. Winter was busy writing a tell-all book of the experiences in the industry. Winter said she’s not worried about the consequences. “I mean, what they gon’ do? You gon’ beat me up?” Maybe. If we learned anything from Kat Stacks, it’s that rappers don’t like their dirt exposed by a woman.

Raqi visits Joe during his rehearsal for an upcoming show at SOB’s. Bad, bad timing. Her feelings are hurt over how he “handled” her, which is basically him escorting her out the door.

“I already got enough s— going on than to deal with a catfight that you starting that you not prepared to finish,” he told her. Raqi gets loud because she doesn’t believe she started the fight. “You put your cape on once again to save this ho,” she replied. “What do you think my position was supposed to be as you antagonized Tahiry this way?” he asks. In Joe’s eyes, he saved Raqi because she Tahiry was about to beat her down. He also doesn’t feel he needed to remain neutral since he considers his ex as the closest thing to a wife he’s ever had. Joe gets furious while Raqi cries because she feels he isn’t treating her like a friend.

Good thing Raqi walked out because it was getting ugly.

Jen’s planning her son’s first birthday party. As soon as Consequence walks in the house the two argue over finances. “If you gave me your card and said, ‘This is the budget, this is the limit Jen,’ then I wouldn’t even need to talk to you.” “Where’s your card at?” Consequence asks. Money is one of the couple’s major issues since Jen is not working, but he told her to quit the job. Jen is completely delusional because she thinks she can’t take care of her child and work like, as Consequence noted, the millions of women who do.

She wants to stay at home, be given a credit card and a monthly allowance. “I don’t come from that community,” Consequence tells her. By community he’s most likely noting that black folks don’t do that because traditionally black women in America have always had to work.

Erica and rapper Lore’l bond over pedicures.

Erica thinks she may have made a mistake by mixing business with pleasure since Olivia told her Rich has several women. “What the f— did I get myself into?” She’s worried about her portfolio which is at his house. She’s unsure if she wants to be with him at this point.

Joe tells his mom he relapsed on drugs the day of the pool party, which is why he reacted the way he did.

Joe’s mom is concerned about the people around Joe who don’t really know him. Joe said he was clean for 14 years, but relapsed while being on the road, starting with pills and “some other things.” “I was away from any type of support system,” he said. “That’s why you need help…there’s a lot of help available to you.”
“The issue was accepting that I relapsed.” Emotional scene for Joe and his mom.

Erica and Rich are overdue for a conversation. “You love me,” he tells her. There has to be compromise and communication. Rich blames his reaction on liquor.

He runs the smooth game on her and she’s over it. “Can I have a hug?” “No. But you can give me money for a mani/pedi.”

Consequence tells Jen right before their kid’s birthday party that she’s responsible for paying the venue and the characters. “There’s a remaining balance and you got to take care of that,” he said firmly. Jen does the predictable and starts crying. “You’re the big rapper, everybody expects you to come in and go like this,” she says slapping her hands in the motion of dropping dollar bills.

Tahiry meets with Rich to talk music business. Rich admits he has a crush on Tahiry.

Raise your hand if Rich needs to be single. “And how is Erica?” Tahiry asks. “Look at that cleavage,” he said. Tahiry’s there to talk business, but Rich’s got his mind on other things.

While in the hot tub Joe talks to his girlfriend Kaylin about the fight.

There’s no way two women should be arguing over Kaylin’s man while she dangles her feet in the pool. Couldn’t be me! Raqi and Kaylin are close so she says she’ll always be there for her. Joe wants to make things right with Raqi, but first he has to come clean about his addiction. Kaylin feels she can help him through his addiction because her dad was an addict. Sigh.

Erica and Rich have a romantic date night. It’s the perfect time for Erica to mention doing a record with Lore’l even though Rich would rather not talk about work. “Once I go into my Lore’l tirade you’re gonna be mad at me then I’m not gonna get none tonight,” Rich said. Erica pushes for his opinion. “You’re not doing the record. Now, next. What’s the next thing we talk about?” “You do know I have a say so in like whatever it is I do,” Erica responds. Now they’re yelling at dinner. Maybe talking about work isn’t the best idea. “You’re not doing the record, E.” Erica doesn’t have the personality to sit by and let Rich control her career. This issue isn’t going away anytime soon.

Kaylin called Raqi to tell her Joe’s back on drugs. Now it makes sense why he’d treated her that way, but she’s still mad. “There are dudes lined up to whoop his a— for what happened,” Raqi said. She laments that his disrespect continued at SOB’s to which both women attribute to him being high. Kaylin tries calming Raqi by letting her know she has faith in God and is there to help Joe with his demons. “To have faith in a man is going to be your biggest downfall,” Raqi advises.

Raqi thinks Kaylin is too young to take on so much. “He helps me, so I help him,” Kaylin said. Through tears Kaylin asks Raqi to be there for Joe and for her because she has no one.

For the first time Rich, Erica and Lore’l are in the same room. He’s nervous about the record they want to do together will come up. And it does. “I don’t see where a record between y’all two benefits her,” he said. “Who says that you know best?” Lore’l asks.

Rich’s final answer is that they’re not doing the record. Period. Lore’l instigates the situation when Rich walks off by gassing Erica to do her own thing and not listen to her. Erica’s now ready to go and runs up on Rich in the club to let him know. Rich doesn’t like her approach. When they get outside the drama continues. Lore’l wants Erica to calm down, and by doing that she brings up the infamous video of Erica kicking the father of her child in the neck. “So what you gon’ kick him in the head like you did your baby father?”

Wrong move. Erica explodes on Lore’l. “You’re alive because of me,” she said. Whoa. Erica eventually leaves both her man and friend (or former friend at this point) and jumps in a car. These two hot heads may end up being too hot for TV.

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