Is Alex Actually A Mixxxy? Are Ceaser And Dutchess An Item? Find Out In Our Very VH1 Chat With The Cast Of Black Ink Crew


One of the reasons we love Black Ink Crew (Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1!) is because of the way everyone seems to get along. Sure, they have their disputes, but when this cast says they’re like family, we believe them. And just like real family, sometimes they talk a little smack about each other, like today when they joined us on our Very VH1 live chat. On today’s show, host Kate Spencer and I were joined by Ceaser, Dutchess, Puma, and Sassy, and when the topic turned to Alex, things got a little heated. At first it seemed like it was all in good fun as they joked about Alex’s modeling career, but the gloves came off when Dutchess proclaimed that Alex was the dreaded, foul “M” word — a mixxxy. “Alex is actualy a mixxxy turned into a shop type of person,” Dutchess says (shocking everyone else in the cast). “She just kinda wanted to stick around.” Fighting words, Dutchess. Fighting words.

In the second highlight clip, below, watch Sassy and Puma as they grill Ceaser on his love life. “You guys look so comfortable right there,” Puma tells Ceaser, who’s seated next to Dutchess, the object of his flirtation on the show. “I see like, that aura around both of y’all.” Dutchess is quick to respond on Ceaser’s behalf, so click the video to see what she says about his love life.

And if this isn’t enough for you, watch the full chat right here.
Black Ink Crew Spreecast

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