Black Ink Crew – Episode 3 – “You Got Served, Son!”


Black Ink Crew
Ceaser just got served.

“Who’s this O’S**t kid I keep hearing about?” boxer Hollywood Hino asks when he comes in to the Black Ink shop looking to get a tattoo.

Business has been slow for a while which disturbs Ceaser, and for a high profile client like Hino to come in is a big deal…but Ceaser is annoyed that he’s coming in looking for his recently-fired artist. Puma takes it as a sign though. “If we got one more person that comes in here and asking for that gentleman, all I know is maybe they need to talk,” he says.

Puma and O’S**t are good friends, and when the two of them hang out, S**t breaks the sad news that since he lost his job, he can’t pay his bills and his daughter, Lulu, is going to have to move to Texas with her mom because they can’t afford to stay in the city. “You’ve been going through it,” Puma says.

O’S**t still can’t understand why Ceaser was so harsh to him at the party last week and why he refuses to speak to him. But if there’s anyone that might be able to convince Ceaser to listen, it’s Dutchess. She tells Ceaser that S**t’s in financial trouble and might lose his daughter. “You’ve known him all these years and you’re just gonna be like ‘F— it’ that easy?” she asks, while telling Cease he should let S**t work a couple days at the shop. “Not happening,” he tells her.

“Put it like this: no time soon will S**t ever be working in the shop.”

Sassy is the ripe old age of 22 years old, so she decides that since her job at Black Ink is only part-time (and she’s not getting paid for it), she should look into other work. She puts on her corporate casual finest and goes for an interview.

Afterward, she meets with Dutchess and her mom, aptly named Mama Sass.

This is one of those cases where Sassy and Mama Sass look more like sisters than mother and daughter, right? Mama Sass actually thinks her daughter’s ambition for a new, corporate job doesn’t really fit her, and she tells her that she understands there’s shop drama at Black Ink, but she would rather see Sassy in a job she loves than one that she does for money and out of necessity. Everyone should have a mom like Mama Sass, that’s some solid advice.

Back at the shop, when Ceaser finds out that Sassy’s been looking at real jobs that pay money, he freaks out a little bit…and then concedes that he’d rather pay her real money than see her leave too.

Ceaser may have sworn that he wouldn’t let things with O’S**t slide, but he gives in long enough to meet with his old friend to discuss matters. Ceaser knows that if the tables were turned and he was about to lose his own daughter, he’d need some help, and he wants to talk things out with S**t.

“Truthfully, the only reason I’m here is ’cause of Lulu,” Ceaser tells S**t. He’s too proud, as a boss, to welcome S**t back with open arms, so he needs to do it under the guise of it being all for S**t’s daughter. S**t apologizes again to Ceaser and really wants a new beginning, but Ceaser is a tease (Teaser?) because he walks away telly S**t, “Let me think about it.”

Back at the shop, Puma tells everyone he wants to get his daughter Tamia’s name tattooed on his arm, and when Ceaser automatically assumes he’s the one Puma wants to draw it up, he’s sorely mistaken. Turns out, Puma wants Dutchess to do it because he’s never had a woman ink him. Ceaser warns that Dutchess only wants ti inflict pain on him to get back at all men everywhere for the pain they inflict on women. Puma does look like he’s in pain while he’s under the needle, but the end result is worth it.

The ladies go to the nail salon to primp for their fashion show which all three are supposed to take part in. While they get their nails done, Alex and Sassy grill Dutchess on what’s going on between her and Ceaser. They DO take a lot of dog-walks together, and the girls point out that they’re frequent text buddies too. So what’s up with that, have they hooked up yet?

“No,” Dutchess tells them. They haven’t gone out on a date or anything either, but Sassy asks “Would you be interested if he asked you?” and Dutchess is torn. “I don’t know,” she responds, and Alex tells her “That is SUCH a yes!” For Dutchess though, she worries because Ceaser is her boss, so that complicates things. But there’s no deny those feelings!

Later at the shop when Puma asks Alex is she’s walking in the fashion show, she tells him no, she’s not, actually. She cites a conflict of interest because she’s actually a professional model, whereas the other girls walking in the show are amateurs. “My checks,” she says, “they say ‘model’ on them.”

“Where you model at?” Walt asks. “The only pics I’ve seen of your are on like, Twitter or Instagram or something…You got the ‘BBM in the mirror’ pose.”

At the show, Dutchess and Sassy are in the hair and makeup phase of getting ready and start wondering where ALex is because it’s a little weird that she hasn’t shown up yet. Puma, who dropped in to wish the girls luck and knows full well that Alex isn’t going to show peaces out, he doesn’t want to be the bearer of crappy news.

But then, surprise! Alex does arrive…only she tells the girls “I came to support. To watch you guys and take some pictures.” Sad face.

Doesn’t matter though, the girls still kill it on the runway.

Ceaser and the rest of the guys have a pretty good time there too.

After the show, Dutchess is annoyed at how disrespectful Alex was in handling the situation, but she forgets all about it when she’s approached by Vibe Vixen to be a possible model for them…so it looks like there might be two ladies whose checks say model on them soon.

Ceaser pops backstage after the show for some heavy flirting with Dutchess, prompting Sassy to note “Dutchess and Ceaser, y’all are lusty.” Did someone say lusty? Because that’s the definition of what’s happening with Alex and Teddy back at the shop, too. The two of them sneaked their way past everyone else at the fashion show to head back for some privacy and heavy petting.

It would be intriguing enough if the episode ended on these two pairs of flirtatious lovers, but there’s more. When a man walks into the shop the next day looking for “David” a.k.a. Ceaser, Cease meets him, under the impression that the guy wants to interview him for a tattoo magazine.

Teddy is immediately suspicious because “calling Cease ‘David’ is like calling HOV ‘Sean’ or calling 50 ‘Curtis.'”

When Cease comes out, Teddy’s suspicions are confirmed because the guy wasn’t looking for an interview, instead, he’s there to serve Ceaser with papers accusing him of not paying child support.

“No this b—h did not!” Ceaser yells as the server leaves. Oh yes, she did.

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