“The Sky Isn’t The Limit”: Black Ink Crew Star Sassy Shows Off Her Signature From Head To Toe


Sassy Black Ink Crew
Confession: we’re obsessed with Sassy from Black Ink Crew and we can’t really take our eyes off these photos that were taken when she and the rest of the cast visited the VH1 offices last week. Sassy (real name: Ashley) is a New Jersey native who’s lived in Harlem for a decade, and when we hung out, we talked about style, the significance of UFOs and her signature Mohawk.

“I’ve had a mohawk for like five years now. It’s my thing, I can’t even see myself with normal hair. I was attempting to grow it out and these guys were like ‘NO.’ Ceaser told me I couldn’t work at Black Ink if I had normal hair.”

Ceaser: “It just ain’t Sassy.”

How do you define your style?SASSY!

“My favorite tattoo is my UFO on my wrist,” says Sassy’s best friend in the shop, Puma. “Sassy has one also.”

What’s the significance?

Puma: Just to be higher than life. Beyond the stars. Not about drugs or nothing, just about ambition, you know? Not only just doing something for the sky, going beyond that.

Sassy: The sky ISN’T the limit.

“My street wear can be really hard sometimes, or I can put on a dress and some six-inches and strut around like I’m a model. I like that I can do both, chill out and relax or get fabulous.”

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[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

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