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“I told Ceaser he should get a crown tattooed on top of his a—hole because he’s the king of all a—holes,” Black Ink Crew star Sassy tells me when I ask the cast about their boss. When I ask if that hurts Ceaser’s feelings, Sassy jumps in to answer again, saying “It doesn’t! That’s how he introduced himself to me!” and Ceaser nods in agreement. From what we’ve seen so far on the show, the guy is a tough boss, but he does have a sensitive, tender side, too. I mean, this is a man who, when I ask if he has a favorite outfit to wear while he tattoos, he tells me “I put on my UGG slippers. They’re nice and toasty.”

When he hung out with us in the office recently, we chatted with Ceaser and the rest of the Black Ink Crew to discuss style, life as a reality star, and what his flirtation with Dutchess is really all about — check out our photos and more quotes from him after the jump.

Ceaser, on his style: “Laid back, cool, and collected.”

How’s life now that the show’s premiered?

Ceaser: “I’m a superstar.”

Dutchess: “This room ain’t big enough for his head. I might need to step out just so he can take up the whole space.”

There’s a lot of flirtation between you and Dutchess on the show…
Ceaser: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dutchess: “You know what it is? I’m the female version of him and he’s the male version of me, so we just get along like that.”

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[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]

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