Mob Wives – Episode 4 – Can’t Turn Back Now


Big Ang Wig Mob Wives
Well, first we must address the most important issue of the episode: Big Ang‘s Cher wig.

Ang, Drita, and Carla get together for some gel tips and girl talk, and Ang tells Carla two things of importance. One, Renee has moved, and her new place is right around the corner from Carla, and two, Renee is also about to spend a month in Florida for rehab. Drita and Ang are supportive of Renee’s decision to get help and seek therapy, but Carla reacts with the Carla attitude we’ve come to expect in season three, with disdain and sarcasm. “She needs that. She needs to button up the lip a little. Maybe she’ll f—ing stop barking so much.”

“You seem to be barking pretty good yourself. You became a f—ing rottweiler,” Ang tells Carla. Look, Carla is perpetually annoyed with Renee these days, that much we know, and her attitude shows as much. But her thing is that she doesn’t like to be talked about. So she explains that as long as Renee stops talking about her when she returns from rehab, she can be cool with her. In thirty days, I guess we’ll see how that plays out.

Carla’s relationship with Joe has also been shaky lately ever since he told her that he was planning to move in with his girlfriend, Raquel. Joe meets with a lawyer to discuss his future and his desire to be divorced from Carla, because he’s looking to move on with his life, and he tells the lawyer that his relationship with her is a “variable.” Some days it’s fine, some days, not so much, and he gets pushed to the edge with her. “Then the key thing is, don’t get pushed to the edge,” Ralph the lawyer tells Joe.

At Joe’s condo, he tells Raquel he met with the divorce attorney and that Carla’s probably going to throw out the divorce papers he plans to serve her. Joe says “Carla’s afraid that I’m going to run off and start a new life with Raquel, that I’m gonna run off and get married one day and have more kids. And she should be scared.”

“From what Joe tells me,” Raquel explains, “Carla is just very…nasty.”

“The reality of my reality is kinda f—ed up,” Renee says when she describes her decision to enter rehab. She wants to get a handle on her life, which means coping and getting therapy, but also losing her dependence on pills. But she’s still on edge because the day that she’s supposed to go to the airport, Karen and Ramona, who are taking her, are late, and AJ, who’s also going, is trying to keep her calm but they keep butting heads until finally she tells him to “shut the f— up.”

Karen and Ramona finally arrive and they all send Renee off, with Karen telling her “this is the best thing you could do for yourself and your son and as a mother, I’m proud of you.”

“This is probably going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” Renee says. “I don’t know if I can get through this.”

At Karen’s, Love comes over to hear the latest about how Karen’s ex, Dave, has been bringing a new girlfriend around his house and their daughter, while not telling Karen anything. She heard it from Karina, who famously found this new woman’s thong in her bedroom. Love’s reaction is pretty much what the rest of us thought too:

Love starts to tell the story of hr own ex, Ray Merolle, to whom she was engaged…until she allegedly shot at him with a 9mm. “I didn’t actually hit him, I went all around him,” she clarifies. “So he knew that I loved him.” When Karen asks if Love wants to get back together with Ray when he gets out of prison, Love breaks down a little, explaining that he actually has two kids now (fathered using frozen sperm) and he kept it from her, which kills her. She figured eventually they would get back together, and now he’s gone and had kids with not one but two other women. “How the f— do you do that to me?” she asks. Can we just re-title Mob Wives “Men Suck”? Because that’s the biggest lesson here.

The day has finally come for Drita and her girls to visit Lee in prison, and they make the long trip to get there because as she explains, she is never going to deny her kids a relationship with their dad.

Her biggest hesitation is letting Lee back into their lives and “we all fall back in love with him, and then he has t go back to prison.” That would destroy their family and it’s Drita’s concern. “If that happens and I allow that to happen, it’s gonna be my fault.” Drita’s basically torn, half of her mentality toward Lee is to hate the guy who’s torn her family apart, and half giddy excitement, both as a mom who is thrilled that her kids get to see their dad and as a woman who still has feelings for this guy and knows the love could come flooding back. This is the face of a conflicted woman.

Karen still hasn’t confronted Dave yet about his new woman, because it turns out, her daughter actually is defensive of her dad and his romantic situation. Karen shows Ramona a text message she got from Karina, telling Karen to back off from Dave, and explaining that she’s finally got a good relationship with her dad and she doesn’t want to move to New York to live with Karen and ruin that. Karen is floored and has no idea how to handle that message from her daughter.

Ramona sees this as Dave’s will being imposed on Karina and is pissed. She says that if she was in Karen’s shoes, “I would choke him until he had no breath left in him.” Karen definitely has that impulse, but she’s holding back so she doesn’t continue to put Karina in the middle.

When she finally calls Dave to ask about his new girlfriend, it doesn’t take long for things to get a little crazy.

Dave swears that the relationship is no big deal, but Karen just wanted his honesty and openness from the start. And then Dave tells Karen to stop being so insecure. Uhhhboy.

“What do you mean, insecure? I’m MAD!” she tells him. “I have been the most loyalist person to this man in his entire life, and the fact that I want that back in return, he’s gonna say insecure? Nah, motherf—er, I’m not having it.” And she hangs up.

“This just goes to show how blood is thicker than water,” Drita says after she leaves prison with her girls. They got to spend an entire day with Lee, and Drita says they loved every second of it and it was as if Lee has never been absent from their lives. But Drita herself, she couldn’t bear to be with Lee the full day, and explains that she spend half the time crying and that she barely spoke to Lee while she was there, they just had a silent connection the entire time that she was with him. As they drive away from the prison, this is the face of a still conflicted, but now contemplative woman.

“My kids were so happy with their father. And I’m all f—ed up now,” she says, crying.

“I felt at peace and I felt happy,” Drita tells Big Ang. “Really, I missed him. A lot.”

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