Love And Hip Hop – Episode 4 – “You Clocking My P—y Miles?”


Erica realized her animosity toward Olivia at Yandy’s event was unnecessary. It’s only right that she sort-of apologized to Liv face-to-face. “Rich doesn’t ask much from you, but he does everything for you.” Telling Olivia about her business relationship with her best friend didn’t end well. Erica tells Liv she should do the record as a favor for Rich. “I already don’t like the record…I’m not doing a record with you,” Liv said. What was supposed to be a come-to-Jesus moment ended up being a mud throwing match with Olivia explaining that Rich isn’t going anywhere. To that Erica reiterated Liv’s career is dead. “Enjoy the half a minute you got left because you ain’t gon’ be around.” Liv’s response? “You not even on the stop clock.” They’re really arguing about whose 15 minutes happened or didn’t.

Since Raqi practices Islam, Jen needs advice on how she and Consequence’s can co-exist with two different religious backgrounds. Jen was under the impression they’d be able to get through it. Raqi tells her in the Islamic faith you’re not supposed to be with someone who doesn’t practice the same religion. “It’s triple the blessing if you did convert. Is that something you’ve even considered?” Jen doesn’t mind their son being raised Muslim but she wants to still celebrate Christmas and Easter. “That’s not gonna happen,” Raqi tells her. Raqi’s not feeling Jen’s tears and tells her they should’ve thought about this before having a baby. “This is a Hallmark commercial,” she says to a sobbing Jen. Geez, Raqi. Insensitive much? But we feel Raqi. At some point you have to stop crying and do something.

Joe‘s reading the Bible in an empty church. Tahiry suggests a drug counselor and therapy. “You want me to talk to somebody so you can sleep at night?” Yes. “No. I’m not doing that.” Joe can’t possibly think he’s going to kick his addiction with prayer alone. He’s having a hard time admitting he even has a problem using phrases like “in the event I’m having some trouble” as if he didn’t even relapse. Tahiry shuts that down immediately. “You weren’t even recognizable in your last video.” Tahiry asks him to do one thing for her since for many years she’s “suppressed who she was as a woman” for him. Joe thinks he has everything under control and refuses. “There’s absolutely nothing you can do to make me go speak to this stranger, whoever it is, because I’m not doing it.”

Consequence wants Jen to know she’s spoiled because she’s never had to deal with other women hitting her up. “I’m spoiled because you’re not cheating on me?” Actually that’s what happens when you’re in a committed relationship, Consequence. Fidelity isn’t an option. Consequence thinks it’s gotten to the point they need to talk to somebody (i.e. a man of Islamic faith) so Jen can understand where he’s coming from. She agrees.

“I’m still tight with you for yelling at me that day because we’ve never yelled at each other,” Liv said. Olivia’s can’t believe her refusal to do a record with Erica caused him to yell at her. Rich says it’s the principle and Olivia immediately recognizes he’s sounding exactly like his girlfriend. “I want to know why Erica even feels like she has two feet to stand on and tell me about any business we do just because she’s f—– you.” Rich says Erica doesn’t know any better, but Olivia isn’t perfect either according to Rich. He thinks Liv has a reputation of getting cocky and thinking she’s better than people. But Rich sees past the flaws in both of them and believes in their careers. Despite the personal favor Rich is asking for Olivia doesn’t want to work with Erica. Period. “Keep my bidness with my bidness, don’t bring her in my bidness and that’s it.”

Yandy and Mendeecees head straight to the hospital after receiving a call from their newborn’s doctor. After hearing the baby will have to have surgery so his kidney doesn’t fail Yandy breaks down. She’s unsure if surgery is the right answer because he’s so small, but it’s not optional. Mendeecees tells her it’s better to get it over with now. “It gotta happen now rather sooner than later.”

Jen wears a hijab for her meeting with Consequence’s spiritual advisor. Seems a bit dramatic since we we’ve never seen her in a hijab prior to this meeting. Jen cries again about the importance of holidays to her and wanting their son to experience that. “I don’t want to send mixed messages,” Consequence said. Jen wants their child to have a little bit of both arguing it will make him a more well-rounded person. Consequence is gung ho about their son being raised Muslim, and doesn’t think it can be done half-a—ed. The spiritual advisor, although Islamic, tells Cons he can’t be so rigid in his position and compromise will limit the pain and tears. “A very important part of solving this problem is called marriage,” he advises. Jen doesn’t think marriage is the best thing to do when they’re still playing tug of war on the religion issue.

Yandy and Mendeecees moved forward with the operation. “What if my perfect little boy isn’t perfect anymore.” Mendeecees is her rock telling her she has to stop worrying and he’s going to be fine. “He’s depending on us to be strong.” When Yandy thanks him for being there Mendeecees is confused. He asks her where else would he be, telling her nothing else matters right now. “Family comes first.” Awww. Mendeecees has some act right, y’all.

Jen and Raqi head to club Greenhouse fora girl’s night out. Tahiry and Rashidah show up which leads to one thing—drama. Tahiry and Jen are cool. Rashidah had never met Raqi but she had heard of her reputation. The two are cordial while Tahiry and Raqi act like the other doesn’t exist. Jen tells Raqi to smile. “My energy’s a little low right now.” Wouldn’t your energy be low if you go to the bar to grab a cocktail and the woman who tried to beat you down was sitting in your area? Tahiry doesn’t want to revisit the past. “We’re not even there. We’re into how is the DJ [gig] going? Can we move forward to how you’re doing today?” “Why are you even talking to me?” Raqi asks. “Why are you even here?” A conversation about DJ’ing turns into a convo about who Raqi has slept with. Tahiry makes jokes. It goes downhill from there.

“What kind of award you want for being the bigger person?” Tahiry asks. Rashidah plays Oprah—the hip-hop edition—by having an aha moment. She tells Raqi she hasn’t respected her as a woman in the industry. “At the end of the day we all refer to you as industry p—y.” “You in the bed with me? You clocking my p—y miles?” Raqi asks. Raqi’s had enough and leaves threatening Rashidah that she’ll be with her man the next time they see each other. The girls try to get her to stay, but Raqi’s had enough of the vagina clocking. Poor Jen. She really needed a fun night out at the club.

Yandy and Mendeecees’ son made it out of surgery successfully. Yandy’s worrying caused Mendeecees to shed a tear. How cute that he admitted to crying! Now that the surgery is over the couple wants to celebrate. And how does he suggest they celebrate? “Let’s have a little girl.” Ummm. Ok. He wants to get their last child out of the way then they can be done with children and Yandy can get back to work. “So that’s the celebration? Start working on a child?” “We can practice he,” he jokes. Yandy isn’t crazy though. She wants the ring, the house and then the baby.

“Everyone’s a f—- whore” is Jen’s synopsis of what happened at the club the other night. “All of us can be whores together. It’s not even that f—- serious.” “Why are you two hags mad?” is all Raqi wants to know. Raqi has an idea for a radio project. “I need the luxury of having a white girl that can say whatever the hell she wants to say.”

Tahiry shows up to Joe’s house with a drug test. “You got to be out your f—- mind,” Joe says. “If I wasn’t on anything I would take this drug test right now in the blink of an eye and not care,” she said. “If you don’t do this then you need to stop looking for me anytime you need support for anything.” Joe agrees to take the drug test, but not without his own conditions—Tahiry must cook him a good meal. His test came back negative.

Rich planned a studio session for Erica to work with a producer. Said producer never shows up because Erica ran her mouth at a club lamenting about how she didn’t like the records. “In starting off new we need to build relationships.” Rich tells Erica it’s not her place to tell a producer his records are wack. Erica’s defense is he asked so she gave her opinion. Instead of owning up to a mistake (popping off at the mouth being the mistake) she says the real reason the producer probably didn’t show is because Rich waits to the last minute to do everything. Erica storms out resulting in yet another argument outside and Erica leaving. “Enjoy your day. Matter of fact, enjoy your career.”

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