[WATCH] A Few Of The Love And Hip Hop Cast Have Some Heat For Raqi


Tahiry was annoyed by Raqi‘s presence on last night’s episode, but at least she was able to sit down in the same area as her without throwing a drink in her face. Does that mean a reconciliation is on the way? As the saying goes, “Girl, bye!”

On yesterday’s live Spreecast chat the ladies made their feelings on Raqi crystal clear. Tahiry thinks Raqi is so irrelevant when asked about her she said, “Who?” On whether or not Raqi is her enemy she responded, “She’s non-existent. She was before this, she’s just lucky I gave her air-time in an episode.” Maybe Tahiry won’t call her an enemy, but Joe will. “That means yes they’re enemies.” Rashidah makes it clear that none of them–Olivia, Tahiry or Rashidah–are friends with Raqi. “Olivia can’t be nobody’s friend if I’m not they friend,” Rashidah declared. “Real friends do share the same enemies.”

Rashidah details her first time meeting Raqi to which Raqi called herself a “self ho” according to Raqi. Who knew real friends share the same enemies. Excuse us why we call our friends to make sure they don’t like the same people we don’t like. To watch all of the hilarious moments from the Spreecast chat head to VH1.com.

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