Snakes, Whores, And Ronald McDonald: The Best Love And Hip Hop Tweets And Insults Of The Night


The Best Love And Hip Hop Tweets Of The Night

Well, safe to say there’s no love lost between Raqi Thunda and pretty much everyone else in the cast of Love And Hip Hop. It’s evident on the show, and on Twitter, where the cast has been airing out some of their issues lately. Last night’s episode saw Raqi on good terms with Jen and Consequence, as she offered up advice to Jen about converting to Islam and the two went to Greenhouse to hang out…until everything went left between Raqi, Rashidah, and Tahiry.

In our gallery of the best tweets of the night, however, the relationship between Consequence and Raqi has soured, and pretty much everyone has something to say about everyone else. Check them out below.

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