Racism, Devils, Catfights: Read What The Cast Of Love And Hip Hop Tweeted About During Last Night’s Episode


Love And Hip Hop Tweets Of The Night

The end of Love And Hip Hop last night was a weird scene. Jen confronted Raqi over her weirdly flirtatious business demeanor in the radio studio, and Raqi accused Jen of riding her coattails. And then, as Jen left, she told Raqi she didn’t need her coattails because “Honey, I’m white. It will get done.” Was it racist? Was it the heat of the moment? One thing’s for sure, it was definitely the end of a business partnership. The entire cast was furiously tweeting away during the show, but no one more so than those two ladies, so flip through our gallery below to read what they have to say about the situation. Raqi claims she was set up to befriend Jen and they never had a friendship to begin with, and Jen tries to clear her name as a racist, so check them out and judge for yourself.

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