La La’s Full Court Life: Style Tips For Birthdays And Birthday Suits



Another week of La La’s Full Court Life brings us a fresh bounty of style advice even the most sartorially-challenged can follow to perfection. London is old news, so La and Co. are back in the Big Apple, ready to celebrate the newly married Jason and Adair. But what do you wear to a wedding that already happened (one that you weren’t invited to), and how do you deal with an adorable son ready to throw away his floaties and forget you entirely? Spa time with Ciara, for starters.

Read on for the ways in which La La Anthony solves all of life’s problems through fashion.

Style Tip No. 1: A fresh ombre job is a great way to ensure you won’t be upstaged by your newly married friend.

La La's Full Court Life Episode 3

It’s always great to return to New York (or your respective hometown) after an extended vacation with a new look.

Style Tip No. 2: Get back at your friend for not inviting you to his wedding by filling in as his personal stylist for the day. More pink!


Never snub her again, Jason. Never.

Style Tip No. 3: In trying times, keep your thoughts, feelings, and emotions together with the help of safety pin earrings.


Even if you’re freaking out on the inside, you’ll look as if you have a master plan.

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