“What’s It Like To Be On TV And Have A Baby?” Jen The Pen, The VH1 Blog’s Newest Contributor, Answers That And More



Have you ever wondered what it’s really, truly like to be on a reality show? Who dresses and styles you? How do you get cast? What do you do with your kids when you’re off fighting with Raqi Thunda? We were talking to Jen “the Pen” Bayer of Love And Hip Hop recently and she was more than happy to answer all our questions, and she even offered to be our newest VH1 Blog contributor. Every Wednesday, Jen will give us the rundown on the latest trends, fashions, and more, but today, she’s kicking off her inaugural post with some answers to the basic questions like how did she get on this show anyway? (Answer: It was on her vision board so she willed it to happen.) Take it away, Jen!

“The Reality” Of Being A Reality TV Mom

JenThumbnailFirst and foremost I want to welcome myself back to the blogging world! It’s been some time since I last blogged and I must admit as my fingers hit my keyboard I have a whole new sense of self-confidence. Like most writers, bloggers, and creative people, I need to be inspired by something, so when Liz Black aka @Lizburrito (resident writer aka The Head Chick in Charge) for VH1’s blog asked me to contribute to this site, I jumped at the chance to bring back the “Jen The Pen” sooo many of you have missed! So here we go!!! My first blog back and as a contributor for VH1.com! From my mouth to God’s ears, I’m feeling blessed today!

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