“What’s It Like To Be On TV And Have A Baby?” Jen The Pen, The VH1 Blog’s Newest Contributor, Answers That And More


I figured since this past Monday’s episode was centered around Cons and I finding the “perfect sitter” for Caiden that I would dedicate this blog to Caiden and the “reality” of being a reality TV mom! Let’s rewind for a second though. I had always known I was going to be a cast member on Love and Hip Hop. It was on my vision board. When the show aired in 2011, I said to myself “I need to be on this show! I am the title of this show!” But of course at that point the show was already in production, so that ship had sailed. As the first season ended I knew they would be would be gearing up for season two, so I started my “stalking” (which involved me telling Cons at least 3 times a week) that I NEEDED to be on this show! Well, production started again and before I could bat my little eyelashes, the trailer for season two had hit the Internet and I had found out that I was pregnant! My mission to be on season three was even bigger this time around! I had the rapper, the baby, and the history of reality TV and radio. NO ONE could tell me I wasn’t made for this show. Cons himself couldn’t deny it anymore, he knew if he didn’t make the call to Mona Scott-Young that he would never hear the end of it from me! So here we are halfway through season three and the job of juggling career and mommy life has found me beyond hectic and full of anxiety.

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