“What’s It Like To Be On TV And Have A Baby?” Jen The Pen, The VH1 Blog’s Newest Contributor, Answers That And More


I’ve had more panic attacks about leaving him so I could go to work then I can count on my fingers and toes, but through all the craziness I’ve made it work thus far. I must admit I was extremely lucky in the fact that Caiden was so much a part of our storyline. The days I knew he would be filming with us were the nights that I rested and actually slept through the night. You could never imagine until you become a mother how much of your whole entire life this little being takes up. There were nights I just couldn’t sleep knowing I would be gone the next day working for eight hours or more, my brain would not shut off knowing that Caiden would cry as soon as I walked out that door. Caiden was ALWAYS fully aware of the days Mommy would be working — as soon as hair and makeup walked in the door, his neediness for me would grow. Babysitter there or not, Caiden would sit on my lap for an entire two hours as my glam squad worked. Although, it really was amazing how quickly Caiden adjusted to production and the cameras being in our home, of course like any child the first day of filming he was a bit skeptical of the new faces, new energy and our home being flipped upside down in the matter of minutes. By the end of filming that first day Caiden walked through our apartment like a little boss, surveying and inspecting everything that was out of place! That moment I will never forget!

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