“What’s It Like To Be On TV And Have A Baby?” Jen The Pen, The VH1 Blog’s Newest Contributor, Answers That And More


Juggling both the life as Mommy and as Jen The Pen is never easy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This is what I asked for and it’s exactly what I got. I thank Cons sooo much for being such a hands-on Dad. On the days the sitter can’t be here and I have something important to do, he always works his schedule around taking care of Caiden for the time that I’m out of the house. The plus side of both of our careers is that we get to make our own schedules most of the time so that there’s always someone here to be with Caiden. And, worst case scenario, Caiden comes along! This baby saw the inside of the MTV building at 4 weeks old, so at this point it’s all second nature to him. Sometimes there’s just no better place for him to be then with his parents. And we are extremely blessed to be able to take him along if need be. All that Caiden has experienced, seen and learned in his first year of life is remarkable and I believe that it will all only make him a better and more well rounded human being.

I am proud of the way my family has been portrayed this season on Love and Hip Hop and I thank our NFGTV/VH1 family for seeing our vision out. One day Caiden will look back and see the footage and I’m confident that he will be just as proud. This is the ultimate “Family Movie”!

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