The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 8: She Gave Me The Finger Right In The Face


This week on Mob Wives it’s like everyone is thinking with their vaginas, right? Let’s break down the key moments from the episode and discuss, while keeping in mind that everyone seems to have sex, marriage, or something in between on the brain.

“When it comes to love and it comes to my family, I’m saying ‘F— it!’ What’s the worst that can happen?”

Drita is back with Lee. He showed up out of the blue at her house, and even though it was a huge shock, it’s something she and her girls are actually thrilled about, and she basically tells everyone on Staten Island how happy she is. And sure, any time someone says “What’s the worst that can happen?” the worst inevitably happens, but her perspective is that at least she can say she tried again with him. No regrets! That’s our Drita.

The two things Drita wants to get, for Lee but also to make herself feel good, include a new car for him, and some new boobs. Of course. “My right boob is completely jacked,” she says. “It’s no different, you gotta rotate a tire on a car, you gotta change your implant.” See, and here I thought I wouldn’t be learning anything new today. “Now that Lee’s home, I just wanna look good f—ing naked.” And speaking of naked, Big Ang‘s advice for Drita is to have sex with Lee every where possible, including in the car and at his job (which is at a funeral home).

Because if it was Ang, she’d be doing it wherever. In coffins, even.

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