The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 8: She Gave Me The Finger Right In The Face


“A ring. A RING. She has a ring all this time and she doesn’t tell me.”

In TV time, we’ve known that Ramona has been engaged to Joe longer than her friends have known. So when Ramona finally goes to retrieve the ring from the safety deposit box and come out to her friends as an engaged woman, the response she gets from her best friend isn’t what she expects. She calls Karen and tells her she has something urgent to discuss, and when Karen shows up worried but is greeted by a smiling Ramona, she’s like, what the? And then when Ramona actually reveals the ring, she’s even less enthused. “She has a ring all this time and she doesn’t tell me??”
“Marriage and commitment to someone in prison is a very serious thing,” Karen tells Ramona. Joe is looking at at least eight years in jail, according to Ramona. Eight years if he’s lucky. That’s a long time to have an absentee husband. “Is your happily ever after going to be happy?” Karen asks, knowing that Prince Charming is in a holding cell and won’t actually be around to care for Princess Ramona.

Nope, this isn’t how Ramona expected the conversation to go.
“You say the stuff I don’t want to hear,” Ramona tells Karen. “Your whole attitude sucks.” Karen’s tough love is a little too tough, turns out.
“She basically gave me the finger right in my face,” Ramona says.

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