The Best Moments From Mob Wives Episode 8: She Gave Me The Finger Right In The Face


The Fur Party

Ramona has decided that the time and place to tell her other friends about her engagement is at a party thrown by her friend Alisa Marie, a fur coat designer who’s invited everyone to try on her latest collection. The party is festive and fun, but any time Karen and Ramona interact, they’re like children, taking jabs at each other. They’re wearing their grudges on their fur-lined sleeves. “Let’s not argue here with all these people,” Karen says.

Only they don’t stop arguing and things get weird in front of everyone when the snippiness gets out of hand. “I don’t know what the hell is going on here,” says Ang.
At the party, Renee‘s talking about staying with a man in prison and how hard it is, which is a little too on the nose. “What are the chances of Renee talking about this? It’s like she has a sixth sense,” Karen says. But Ramona wonders if it’s more than that and Karen actually told Ramona her engagement news. Ramona insinuates that Karen and Renee has some kind of conversation, which confuses and angers Renee who is now totally annoyed that Ramona thinks something is up, so she finally comes out with her news.

“I think this is great!” Renee says. Everyone else in the room is excited, too, and Ramona gloats in front of Karen.
Karen is shocked that everyone, including Renee, is happy about this news, because, hello! They all know that being the wife of a prisoner is hard, and why would Ramona choose that if she had options? “Do you want this life for yourself? Do you want this life for your kids? ‘Cause I don’t want it for you,” Karen says. And finally Ang speaks up in agreement with Karen.

“Karen really ruined this for me. She became like the Grim Reaper of friggin’ engagements,” Ramona says. Ultimately, it’s Renee that convinces Karen to come around, saying that if Ramona really feels it in her heart, she needs to go for it. But if it doesn’t work out…

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