Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle



Olivia‘s back! Rich hasn’t seen her in a while so he stops by to let her know she was right about everything. “You’ve been acting like a freaking moron,” she tells him. Olivia wants to understand why he’d mess around with Erica in the first place. “But why would you want to f— with somebody like that? You want to run around with somebody who’s running the streets with everybody like it’s cool for you.” Liv is going in!

“I also know that you’re an a–hole and you think with your d— a lot,” she adds. Rich just wants her to stop talking although he knows she’s right. “What you want me to say? I got caught slipping?” That’s exactly what she wants. “You’re right, I’m wrong…I’m back. I’m sorry,” he tells her. The “Where Did I Go?” record he gave to Erica was the song he wanted to give Liv but she didn’t want it. Now Liv wants the song back to spite Erica. “How ’bout I’m take that f—– record back and I’m gonna do it.” Rich knows this will be trouble.


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