Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle


Tahiry, Jen and Rashidah meet up to gossip. “And this year, some kind of way, Raqi made the list,” said Rashidah. Besides the obvious shade she’s throwing she’s referring to a women in power list that she doesn’t understand how Raqi made. “Really? Did she now. I wonder now, how’d she get on that list,” Jen said sarcastically. The last time the girls saw Jen she was actually with Raqi so they’re wondering what could’ve happened. After telling the girls why she and Raqi are no longer friends she uses this time to divulge to Rashidah all the things Raqi said. “I’m disgusted, but I’m not totally shocked because she’s a low quality human being,” said Rashidah. Tahiry lets them know she tried to warn them. “And now Raqi will get a little dose of Rah and my dose is a whole lot heavier than anything she could possibly imagine.”


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